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My MRI came back and it says I have a 2 mm extradural aneurysm

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My MRI came back and it says I have a 2 mm extradural aneurysm along the lateral margin of the cavernous segment of the right carotid artery. Should I be worried and exactly where is this located?
Hi--can you possible give me the complete report and why was the MRI done?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The MRI was done because I have terrible migraines and I get dizzy spells. I have no was to download this and send it to you. It says everything is normal besides the.


MRA brain:


2 mm outpouching signal noted along the lateral margin of the cavernous segment of the right internal carotid artery on axial image 72 of the raw MRA data. This represents an extradural location of the right internal carotid artery. The remainder of the right internal carotid artery is normal in course, caliber, and signal.


Does any of this help?


Sorry for the delay. Just one other question--has your doctor discussed how this should be treated?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No they didn't say nothing at all about it they just called me in a prescription to take when I feel a migraine coming on. That it was a coincidence that they found it and that it wasn't causing my migraines. I told them I was worried because brain aneurysm run in my family my mom's sister died of one. They really didn't tell me anything at all about this.

OK. First off, the aneurysm is small which is in a sense a good thing but of course, aneurysms, being weakened portions of the arterial wall, do have the risk of rupture and causing a stroke. I don't think this aneurysm has anything to do with your headaches--it was just found on the MRI. You do need a referral to a neurologist and to an interventional radiologist because it's possible to treat these with a coiling procedure--a small metal coil is placed in the aneurysm with a catheterization procedure to close it and keep it from rupturing. As to the location, this is where the internal carotid artery passes through the cavernous sinus of the brain and here's an article to show you where that is exactly
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Will it grow? Do you think its strange that my doctors aren't worried about it and aren't having me to follow up with this. They just brushed my off like it was no big deal. I sort of scared because of my aunt.

Yes, it can get larger and if it does it definitely needs to be addressed. It's possible that a specialist would just want to follow it with serial MRI's but that needs to be determined by a specialist and not your present doctors.