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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
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The tip of my elbow is extremely sensitive. If I set it on

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The tip of my elbow is extremely sensitive. If I set it on something on my desk or touch it right it feels like a electrical shock and causes me to jerk rather severly. I am also getting numbness in this arm as well.
Thank you for your question,
I’m Dr. Saha and I’ll try to help you.
On which side of the arm do you feel the numbness?
Is it in the forearm? Little finger side or thumb side?
When did the symptoms start?
How frequently do you get the symptoms?
Is there any swelling, redness?
Do you have any other illness?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

This problem has been gaining in frequency for about 6 months. It is my left, non dominant arm. If I bump it just underneath or behind my elbow towards my triceps it causes shooting pain similar to a electrical shock up my fore arm. There is no redness or swelling. Feels like it may be a nerve issue. The numbness is from my elbow to my hands and fingers. No illness, born with NF1. Slight concern of a fibroma on a nerve but no visible outward one is visible on the skin in this area.

Which fingers are involved?

Does your work pressure on the elbow?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

It is a general shocking sensation and numbness in all fingers and forearm. Work does not pressure my elbow. I work at a desk and review and scale blue prints. The numbness tends to come from keeping my arm in a position for periods of time. This also happens while laying in bed on my back and reading or using my Ipad. I have lifted weights off and on over the last 15 years.

Thank you Austin, for the information,
The numbness, electric like or tingling of the forearm & fingers is likely to be involvement of nerve.
There can be different causes.
As you do not feel any swelling fibroma may not be the issue.
Neuropathy can cause it.
A nerve impingement can be there.
Ulnar nerve can be irritated or compressed from repeated motion or bending or pressure against the table or during sleep from any abnormal posture.
This can occur at the elbow where the ulnar nerve passes behind the funny bone or at the wrist or at the spine.
I would suggest to get it examined by doctor.
Doctor can take X ray/ scan, NCV, EMG etc to diagnose the problem.
Treatment will depend according to cause.
I hope this information helps.
I will be happy to assist, if you need any clarification.
Please feel free for any follow up query.
Best wishes.
Dr. Saha and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your time. A few last question if I may. If this is a impinged nerve will it require surgery? Are there non invasive treatments? I am sure this depends on the level of damage. Just want to be able to weigh and research my possible options for treatment.

Surgery is not always required.
You can try to be careful not to put pressure on the elbow white sitting or doing work.
You can keep the elbow away from table or keep it on soft pillow during sleep.