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What causes bad gas / bad bad odor gas, but cant have bowel

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what causes bad gas / bad bad odor gas, but cant have bowel movement and dont feel constipated?

Hello Stephanie and welcome

This is Dr.Amit and i am here to help you with your query.

Excessive intestinal gas, bloating are sometimes natural.
They can be caused by swallowed air or due to digestion of certain specific food or food products.
They can be present without any increased bowel movements or constipation.

But if you are experiencing it very regularly and especially repeatedly within a day, there can be certain other reasons like

- Eating too many fatty foods (they cause fullness as they decrease gastric emptying)

- Lactose intolerance (and even indigestion to certain other components of food)

- Some infection in GI tract

- Diseases like Irritable Bowel syndrome, celiac disease, etc

But remember most of the times common foods are the cause and associated dietary habits aggravate things.

Foods like cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, baked beans, sprouts, fruits like pears, peaches (and sometimes apples)

- Chewing gum/etc should be avoided.

- Carbonated drinks are a strict "NO"
- Excessive carbs should be avoided too

I hope this helped.
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