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I have been having pain in my upper arm however I am not sure

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I have been having pain in my upper arm however I am not sure exactly where it is coming from, but seems to be somewhere between my shoulder and elbow. Sometimes it also radiates down my arm. It feels like a sharp pain or a weakness of the muscle when I extend it backwards or sometimes if i raise my arm. I sleep on my stomach and tend to sometimes sleep on my arm or with my arm bent backwards. I thought that was the problem and that it would go away, but it keeps coming back, i do still sleep on my stomach so I am having a hard time pinning down if this is what the cause is or if something more is going on.


Associated neck stiffness?

Numbness in arm?

What is your occupation?

Prolonged use of computer use?

Duration of symptoms?

Are you taking any medicines?

Any other medical illness?

Swelling,redness on upper arm?

History of trauma?




Customer: replied 4 years ago.


no i do not seem to have any neck stiffness or pain. I did however within the last few months have a morning where I woke up with terrible pain in my lower back that seemed to go down my hips and radiate through the back of my upper thighs. I just assumed i had moved a certain way or lifted something wrong , after a few days the pain decreased quite a bit, but I still seem to have issues with being able to feel it. It resembles what it felt like when I was pregnant with my daughter and she would be laying on my sciatic nerve.

I have not had any numbness in my arm other than if I wake up and am sleeping on my arm.

My occupation is in a office, so I sit at a desk all day and have been doing this for seven years. I use the computer at least 7 hours a day at work, and probably 1-3 hours at night at home for school work. The arm pain started happening about 2-3 months ago. At first the pain was not that noticeable and then it would get worse and then get better for a few days or a week or so, but it keeps coming back.

I do take several medications. I am currently taking zoloft, addorall, hydrochlorthyazide and diavon for blood pressure, I also take birth control pills (Trinessa)

No other history of medical illness no swelling or redness in upper arm. and no history of trauma to this area that I can remember

Thanks for providing more information.


Pain in the shoulder that radiates outwards over the upper arm can come from a "pinched nerve" in the neck, from cervical disc disease. The "pinching" the nerve (specifically either the C4 or C5 nerve root) can cause such pain in upper arm.

Also prolonged use of computer can be a contributing factor in your case.

Given your symptoms, I think a physical exam by a orthopedic surgeon may be necessary to evaluate this, especially if your pain isn't improving.

There can be some inflammation in the shoulder, steroids may be of value.

They also will be able to recommend further imaging studies, like shoulder x-rays and perhaps a MRI of the shoulder, or cervical spine, to evaluate your pain.

Even as your pain is not responding to OTC pain medications so prescribed high strength pain killers should be given to you.

Massage with muscle relaxant ointment and warm compresses can give you pain relief.

Physical therapy can be considered as well.




Hope this helps.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

what causes this type of issue with a pinched nerve other than the excessive time spent at a computer. So is this something that would be able to be corrected without surgury

Poor posture can result in muscular stiffness and may manifest as cervical radiculopathy.So excessive time spent on computer can be a potential cause of such symptoms.

Yes in most cases surgery won't be required.

Conservative treatment like Rest,NSAIDS,Physical therapy should help.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

so would getting a sweedish massage make this problem any worse? or a deep tissue massage? Also would a chiropractor be able to fix this


Chiropractor can be helpful in your case.

You can also consider physical therapy which also gives you good results.

Swedish massage can be better than deep tissue massage.

Having said this,firstly a clinical examination by a doctor should be considered to evaluate the underlying cause of your pain.



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