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I have a hard lump on the inside of my left cheek. It is

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I have a hard lump on the inside of my left butt cheek. It is about 3 inches in length and runs up and down. I have no pain in my rectal area. This has been the third day and it is extremely painful to sit down, tie my shoes etc. I dont know if I should see a Doctor as of yet. Any suggestions?
Hi--this sounds very much like an abscess--perhaps even a perirectal abscess. These can be extremely painful and unless they spontaneously open and drain the pus, they only get worse and you could start having symptoms of sepsis with fever, chills, and malaise. While you could just try soaking in a warm bath and taking ibuprofen, I strongly suggest you have a doctor look at this. Perhaps antibiotics along will take care of it, but if it's large--and it may be larger than it feels--it will need to be lanced and drained.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is it possible to get this large in such a short period of time? What may have caused this?