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I work on a farm and I discovered late last night that at

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I work on a farm and I discovered late last night that at some point yesterday I cut a pretty deep gash in my leg about an inch long. It did not look dirty or bleed much but is deep like a puncture. I remember hitting my leg but don't remember what on, but whatever it was must have gone through sweatpants because I had no tear. Anyway I haven't had a tetanus shot for 15 years ( I think) but am a little scared of them. Is the small risk of tetanus worth the risk of the tetanus shot?
Hi--small risk or not, tetanus is simply something you don't want to get since it can be fatal and even if it isn't it can cause long term disabilities. Even without a tear in the clothing, it's possible that you did get the clostridium bacteria into the wound. Just get a tetanus booster as soon as possible--today or tomorrow--and you'll be fine. The tetanus booster is safe and since you've had it before, you shouldn't have any problem with it like an allergic reaction.
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