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I under went a on site drug on June 4 2013. Test came back

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I under went a on site drug on June 4 2013. Test came back positive for adderall, a medication that I have a doc perstription for. My doctor also annotated in her notes the last visit: to take as needed for testing. I give all this information to the lab when they contacted me. Now I'm being told that it doesn't matter what my doctor stated in her notes. I have a positive test and I'm off work without pay for following my doc instructions.
Hi--so your employer knows you have a valid prescription for the Adderall? You're not fired but just on suspension?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
suspended without pay until I go to drug conclin.
Sorry for the delay--do you know specifically what the written drug policy for your employer states?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
As long as its under a doc order I'm good. The problem is not with my company. My company leaves it up to the testing lab (first lab). They take whatever they come back with. How can it be a positive test if I'm under a doc care and taking as the doc say?
OK--the lab and it's medical officer can only report the findings of the test and to state whether you declared you had a legitimate prescription for the Adderall--they don't have the authority to fire you or put you on suspension. It would have been best, ***** ***** don't know for sure whether you did this or not, to have written down before the test on the paperwork that you were taking the Adderall. Unless you have been observed to be impaired at work from the drug (and in the case of Adderall I don't see how that could happen), your employer is illegally suspending you and you do have the right to retain a lawyer and fight this. Here's a link for you
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