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Good Afternoon, Im 29, married my wife 5 years ago and

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Good Afternoon,

I'm 29, married my wife 5 years ago and have a 4 year old daughter with another baby on the way. Throughout High School and College, I was always well within a healthy BMI. However, after getting married and accepting career offer, I've been traveling Monday - Friday almost every week.

I'm 6-2 and weigh 240, and have done everything possible to change diet habits (eating out 5 days a week makes that difficult, and working out at the Hotel gyms is hit or miss pending when my flights get in). I gained the same amount of weight with my wife's first pregnancy, and don't want the trend to continue.

I've researched results from Qsymia, and it seems that this would be a beneficial addition to diet and excercise revisions from years past, but can't seem to get below 240.

Our families GP doesn't prescribe anything for weight loss, and I refuse to order mediciations online as it's not worth the risk associated with putting something in your body that's not FDA regulated and potentially made oversea's, etc. I don't want to switch doctors just to get prescribed a weight loss medication essentially becoming a "Doctor Shopper" and don't have time, work permitting, to enter into a weight loss specialist program being out of town weekly.

What other options are there, any advise would be greatly appreciated
Hi--first off can you give me an idea about your present diet? Are you saying that with a specific diet you can't lose any weight?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I tried 30 day nutrisystem, but airlines won't let me fly with food/power drink mixes. I've also incorporated lowering the amount of carbohydrates when eating out during week (don't eat apps or deserts). I was at 260 6 months ago, and found following the above dropping 20 lbs wasn't especially difficult. No more hot breakfasts (eggs, suasage, hot cakes) at the hotels opting for fresh fruit, heart health cereals.


Eliminating Alcohol and Sugar Soft Drinks had me feeling much better, but lacked the weight loss results. Walking in the evenings has again helped in making me feel better, and is ideal form of exercise after 6-8 hours of flying, making connecting flights.


There isn't anything wrong with my thyroid as my company implemented a policy revision for health care coverage to have a full physical/blood tests (mainly looking for nictotine and potential diabetes risks) in order to keep our premiums from rising, and my GP said he didn't see anything out of the norm except for High Bad Cholesterol Levels and Low Good Cholestrol Levels, and elevated Tri levels

OK. The Qysmia contains phentermine and topiramate. The phentermine is basically an amphetamine-like stimulant medication that has the potential for causing tolerance and even addiction so it must be prescribed carefully and it really should only be used as a short-term appetite suppressant--for, say, no more than two months. If the medication would help you reach your BMI goal in those two months, fine, but it should only be considered a short-term tool. Other options would be Xenical or perhaps topiramate alone.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

So would searching for a different GP be advisable? I can understand why most GP's wouldn't feel comfortable prescribing "amphetamine-like stimulants"


Are there doctors who specialize in this area of medicine that don't require Clinical Weight Loss Center visits during the week?

If your GP won't prescribe it you could ask him about alternative medications he would be willing to try. I'm afraid though that only doctors that do specialize in weight loss would prescribe the medication because proper medical procedure would be to advise and monitor an entire weight loss program and not just to prescribe the medication.
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