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For a 41 yr old male, what does the following mean? He just

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For a 41 yr old male, what does the following mean? He just did his routine blood test today. Ferritin 346ug/L (report indicate normal range is 15 to 300). Hep b surface antigen - positive? He's a hep b carrier
Hi--any other testing done with regards ***** ***** and red blood cell count? And what exactly do you mean by his being a carrier?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
He did an hematology test and everything is within normal range. The only thing that came up abnormal is the ferritin and that hep b surface antigen.
He is a hep b virus carrier. Not sure if that makes a difference. I don't know what that surface antigen test for.
OK-the term Hep B carrier is a bit misleading and not really a true medical term. It means that person is infected with the hep B virus and is not just a "carrier" but has the potential to infect others with the virus. The term surface antigen means a portion of the outer covering of the hep B virus and if someone is positive for hep B surface antigen it means they are infected with the hep B virus. As for the ferritin level, since that value is only slightly over the high normal cutoff level, it isn't clinically significant. A much higher level could represent a disorder of iron storage called hemochromoatosis, or it could be indicative of liver disorders or autoimmune disorders like lupus
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