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I was in the ER for Pelvic Pain yest, and was told via an

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I was in the ER for Pelvic Pain yest, and was told via an ultra sound 1st and then a CT scan 2nd, that I have a "heterogeneous right adnexal mass measuring 7.1x5.6x7.9 of right ovarian orgin". I was was told after the ultra sound (before the ct scan) that the mass has blood flow to it. What does "heterogeneous right adnexal mass" mean, and is it more concerning that is has "blood flow" to it?
Thank you
Welcome and thanks for your question I am Dr. German I would be here to help you and give you assistance until you are satisfied,heterogenous mass means it is composed of different elements or different textures . In most cases ,at your age , these heterogenous masses are ovarian cysts ( which are fluid filled sacs ) .
There are functional cysts that form during their menstrual cycle and disappear like the follicle cyst ( in which the egg is not released during the menstrual cycle , it goes away after 1-3 months ) or the luteal cyst ( in which the sac does not dissolve ,it basically seals itself and grows for some time until disappearing spontaneously weeks after ) .They can grow reaching a big size ,some of them 4 inches .
Right now , it is always recommended to wait a period of 1-3 months , to determine if this adnexal mass was a functional ovarian cyst or not .
Masses with certain characteristics should be further evaluated including :
1- Heterogenous masses
2- Masses with blood flow
3- Masses larger than 4 cms
According to these characteristics , the mass you have will need to be further investigated if it remains there after 3 months by the characteristics it presents .
95% of the masses they find are benign ovarian masses ,so do not get anxious or worried .
If the cyst does not go away , a laparoscopy and a biopsy will be performed to explore and visualize the mass directly ,the mass will be removed if the doctors consider it necessary. If there are abnormal cells in the biopsy , additional medical treatment could be necessary to remove the remaining cells from your body .
If you need any additional information I will be happy to continue further and assist you until you are completely satisfied . Good luck to you and have a good day !
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