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I have Stasis Dermatisis, I have been given to perscriptions

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I have Stasis Dermatisis, I have been given to perscriptions for it's treatment. What or how do I treat the area that is infected when it bust?
When have you started the treatment?
How many dose of antibiotic have you already taken?
Have you undergone color doppler study?
Is the raised lesion ooze?
Pus/fluid discharge from raised lesion?
Is area warm to touch?

Thanks dear.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I started my treatments yesterday. So far I have taken two capsules cephalexin (Keflex 500 mg I have not undergone color Doppler.) The raised lesion is ooze. The fluid discharged has not happen as of yet. The area does feel a little warm. There is no pain.

As you describe the area is little warm suggest that there is inflammation/infection at the site.So antibiotic should be taken as prescribed for the same.

Usually Silvadene has anti microbial properties and is prescribed to prevent infection.

Avoid standing or sitting for long periods
Keep your leg raised when you sit

You can use a sterlized vaseline gauze to clean the area with and apply the medication.Vaseline gauze remains moist, nontoxic and nonirritating. It is non-adherent and sterile.

Vaseline gauze can be purchased from a pharmacy or chemist.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

At this time of night I have no sterilized gauge to clean the area but I do have non-stick pad with adhesive tabs. I do have antibacterial strong strips. Also, before going to bed should I cover the lesion should it burst while sleeping?

You can use the non stick pad and chances are it will absorb the fluid in case the lesion burst.

Since you have already started the antibiotic therapy chances are that the infection will subside.

When the lesion burst drainage may occur, and sterlized vaseline gauze can help absorb the moisture. At the same time gauze that is infused with petroleum will prevent the blistered skin from ripping.So you can arrange these for future use in 1-2days.

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