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Hello i want to ask you that i m currecntly suffering with

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Hello i want to ask you that i m currecntly suffering with hsv2 and my infection is acctive and i went today for hiv test is that possible the hsv can be confused for my hiv test ? are the antibodies for hiv and hsv2 same ? or i wil get the report dfirect for hiv even if the infection hsv2 is active i wil get report for specific hiv only
Hi. No, the HSV infection you have will not interfere with the HIV testing. The viruses are not the same, and neither are the antibodies. If by chance your HIV test is positive, it wouldn't be a false positive from your being infected with the HSV virus.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I have hpv and hsv too do you do you tihnk it is likely to acuire hiv as well ? am i at risk ?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

also i want to ask you if there is any good cure for hpv or hsv2 i have tried valtres 500mg once a day whenever i feel it will come but its not working anymore kindly suggest me some good medicines or creams for hpv and hsv thank you.

Still the same answer--the viruses and the associated antibodies are totally different. Obviously, since you have two separate sexually transmitted diseases you are at risk for being positive for HIV also since they all are contracted by unprotected sex and whomever gave you the HSV and HPV also had had unprotected sex with someone else. There is no cure for either HPV or HSV but for you I would suggest Famvir 250 mg daily and not just when you feel it coming on
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

you mean to say i should take it everyday ?the famvir 250 mg it will not affect any side effects ?

Sorry for the delay--if you're having frequent outbreaks it's best to take a suppressive daily dose. That's safe and without side effects
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i reently got my hiv test done i got the report done and i got hiv non reactive

here are the results


non reactive 0.239

cuttoff rate 1.0


can you expalin me the test is doen by eclia


is that result okay ? do i have to worry about it ?

Sorry for the delay--the test is negative--you don't have HIV so you can rest easy about that. The test is for HIV antibodies and nonreactive means you don't have any. I would appreciate your giving me a positive rating on my answers for my service to you
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

also sir can you pleae advie me any cream for hpv its been more than 2 years i havehpv but i notieced that it is hpv now but beofre they were differnt colours now they have turned dark jet color small in size is there any cream i can apply with ? my wife is also pregnant i m worried if our hild will suffer too from this disease sha can take famvir while in pregnancy or anythign that is good for her ? u can adivce ?i stopped smoking sine last 2 years even i was a regular smoker but i quit i m trying to boost my imune system i m even a strenght trainer i would like to have some more tips from you to get imue system boosted and i have one more problem related to insomnia i cant sleep at night i wakeup in the mid of sleep why is it so my routine for sleep is alwasy late i cant sleep well shlud i take some medications or i need physical therapyh ?

Sorry for the delay--are you saying this are condyloma--genital warts?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

yes they are genetal wart they are turning into blak color now dark black beofre hey were skin colour

OK--describe them for me--how large and what form they have
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

they are not very large but they are normal small in size but i feel they are hpv

Sorry for the questions but do they look like the typical cauliflower-topped genital warts are are they mostly small and nearly flat?