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I have a low WBC (varying from 3.3 to 3.5) and very low platelet

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I have a low WBC (varying from 3.3 to 3.5) and very low platelet count (79 - 81). However, my doctor said this does not worry him because it has been exactly the same for at least a couple of years and I am otherwise healthy. He says he only worries about changes from what is usual for me as an individual. Do you agree with him?



No a days most Complete Blood Counts are done on automated Hematology Analysers called cell counter.

In few cases due to platelet clumping two platelets are counted as one and show a false reading of low platelet count.

Platelet clumping occurs due to anticoagulant used like EDTA.

So if the platelet count is stable i would agree with your doctor and also suggest that peripheral blood picture be done to check if there is any associated platelet clumping.


If you are asymptomatic these results may not suggest any serious medical condition.

Also the time gap between sample processing and collection increases chances of platelet clumping increases.Usually in our practice we suggest our lab technicians to do the CBC count in 4 hrs from blood collection.


I hope this helps

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thank you. But you did not make reference to the WBC in the same blood tests. Can you do that please?


Thanks for the follow-up.

Normal range of WBC count is 4×109 and 1.1×1010cells/L.
And a count lower than 3.5 ×109 cells/L is generally considered a low white blood cell count.

This level get decreased in viral infections, but also bacterial or parasitic infections.
Also level get decreased in vitamin B12 deficiency.

Usually if a person has no other medical history and associated symptoms then such readings are not so significant and doesn't require any treatment.

Sometimes medications used for other ailment can result in such low WBC count.

So you should discuss it with your doctor for a clinical corelation.

In the meantime you can start multivitamin supplement.

And it's good to get repeat CBC after 3 months.


Hope this helps.

Feel free for further query & follow-up.

Positive feedback & bonus are highly appreciated.


Thanks dear.

Good luck.

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