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Dr. Chip
Dr. Chip, Doctor (MD)
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hi doc how r u. seen my gp and he was pretty happy with me,

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hi doc how r u. seen my gp and he was pretty happy with me, and said that the sharp change in weather would of zapped me , i def felt better when it went back to normal , for a day but i picked up a cold that day and i feel crap since , i just hope i get a good lift soon doc, feel very groggy and downish and dreamy, hope i get a good energy , alive feeling again soon its been over a week since i felt good , be on 300 4 weeks saturday so im hoping it will come soon
So what all did your doctor say, Peter?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

well he happy that im sticking to the 300 and said that i have sinus or hayfever from warm weather , blocked up and ear ache and poping but said it should go as its not enough to warrent anti histamine as that may make me drousy so avoid it if we can, he agreed with me that sun over stimulated me , and i did feel a good bit better that day as weather returned to normal but i must have picked up bug in doctors and got sore throat that eve , sneezing and ear popping now a bit of ear ache, but i seem to be weathering this cold a lot better than ever before when sick which is good , seem to be ok at times then go pretty bad for few hours then ok again for hour or two then poor agaiin, he also said that it may take up to 8 wks for me to stabilize as i am so sensitive compared to most, he said usually 4-6 wks but with me could be 8, but id like to think i can feel at least a bit better soon, feel at 5-10 percent last wk or so while for a few days before that felt up to 35 or that,i agree with him as i know myself but hope i can improve a little after 4 wks ????

So it's still mostly a physical thing and no major depression or high anxiety?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

prob doc but i def havent felt up much not depressed but not really happy either and anxiety is there a fair bit, maybe its down to the physical things like cold but when that passes i do hope to be back up to the 35 % again soon

Well, Peter, I always wonder what someone means by happy but the point of the meds is to put you on an even keel without major mood swings. I think most of this right now is physical and you certainly don't sound like how you were before with the major anxiety and depression problems. You seem to be on the right path for now with this dose and you need to stay the course with that. I think, given another week or two, you'll realize how much better you are so hang in there for now my friend.
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