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My 7 month old son has a small lump/bump on his upper

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My 7 month old son has a small lump/bump on his upper chest/lower neck area. The lump/bump appeared roughly (4) weeks ago, roughly a week after his (6) month shots. The lump is about 1.3 centimeters in diameter, soft/rubbery feel, not attached to overlying skin and is movable; however it does feel somewhat fixed in the general area. The lump/ bump is on or just below his left collarbone, where it meets the sternum. It is quite noticeable, especially when he stretches his neck back. He also has a same sized lump/bum on the right side of his neck, not viewable, with the same features as the one of his chest/neck. He was only sick for (3) days at 3 months old and appears in excellent health. Do you have any idea what this could be? I am very concerned. He also has what appears to be very bade eczema on his face and neck.


I understand your worry.

And as per your description,possible differential diagnosis may include Supraclavicular swollen lymph node,even a type of torticollis (stiffening of the neck muscle).

As it's size is large and persisting more than 4 weeks so it's good to undergo further MRI,needle aspiration biopsy.

Even at the very least a chest X ray maybe done as well.

Also as he has eczema so any inflammatory condition can also result in swollen lymph node.

So further a clinical examination by a Dermatologist should be considered for proper treatment of eczema.

Hope this helps.

Positive feedback and bonus are highly appreciated.

Feel free for further query and follow-up.

Thanks dear.

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