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I hurt my knee a week ago, stubbed it hard into a divot in

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I hurt my knee a week ago, stubbed it hard into a divot in the ground. It feels really tight when I bend it further than 90 degrees and has a bruise on the inside part of my knee. I've been assuming I either strained or have a slight tear in my mcl and got concerned today when I noticed that my ankle now looks bruised. Is this caused from blood draining down my leg? I walk fine, with obvious slight pain, is this something that will go away in a few weeks?

Hello JA customer,


Kindly provide detailed information so as to answer you in a better way.


What is the grading of the pain?( Out of 10)Is the knee joint swollen?


Is there any associated ankle swelling/foot swelling?

Any swollen blood vessels in the leg?


Is the ankle painful?


Any medical investigations done?


What was the mechanism of the injury?Did you fall on hard surface?









Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Pain Grade: 4 to 5

-The knee joint is a little swollen, doesn't help that I never iced it.

-Doesn't seem to be any noticeable ankle or foot swelling. Nor is there any pain in the ankle.

-I don't believe there are any swollen blood vessels

-There haven't been any medical investigations done

-I was playing softball, trying to slide into home my knee was bent inwards at a 90 degree angle and instead of sliding it went straight into a divot next to the base, basically I stubbed my knee cap after running full speed, it immediately felt numb.


Thanks for additional information.

As per your description, I would be most concerned about a meniscal tear.

This type of injury can cause swelling in the joint (effusion) as well as an inability to move the joint in a complete range of motion.

The best type of imaging to evaluate this type of injury is an MRI of the knee. This can also give some useful information about the stablizing ligaments in the knee (like the ACL) as they are associated with meniscal injuries.

I would recommend consulting your primary care doctor or an orthopedic surgeon.
Physical therapy can be effective in your case.
Motrin/Advil can be taken for pain relief.
Elevate your leg.
Even a color doppler study of lower limb can be advised if bruising is spreading continuously.
It's good to make an appointment with an Orthopedist rather than wait & watch approach.

Hope this helps.
Positive feedback and bonus are highly appreciated.
Feel free for further query or follow-up.

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