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Onlinedoc, General Physician
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I am very over weight but have been on a strict diet for the

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I am very over weight but have been on a strict diet for the last two years and have dropped from 32 to 25 stone. I have always had poor circulation but recently the discoloration in my left foot has worsened it's a sort of purple blue. I am exercising daily do I need drugs as well or will the lifestyle changes be enough to resolve this?

Dear JA customer,


I need some more information to help you in a better way.


Do you have any associated pain?

Are you taking any birth control pills?

Is the entire left foot discoloured?

Any associated swollen veins in the leg or foot?

When did you noticed this discolouration?


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No there is no pain. I'm not on any sort of pills at all. It's only the top and a little of the side of my foot that is discoloured. It improves slightly if I massage it but never goes away. There are a couple of slightly swollen veins at the side of my foot. I've noticed it more in the last couple of weeks as my weight has gone down and I am exercising more and more I am looking at my body more. I've always had poor circulation though, when I was a kid standing up to practise the violin for a couple of hours made my legs red and splotchy

Thanks for the detailed info.


Bluish discolouration is a sign of poor venous return.

Medically speaking your symptoms may be defined as chronic venous insufficiency.

This may be a early case of chronic venous insufficiency with mild symptoms.

Diagnostic testing that may be done in your case include

Colour doppler study of peripheral vessels.

Also you should check your blood pressure as well as in few cases the blood pressure is often elevated.

Compression stocking can be a option to manage this condition.

A consultation by a vascular specialist may be considered as well.



If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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