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Last night I cut my thumb while using a mandolin/vertical

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Last night I cut my thumb while using a mandolin/vertical slicer in the kitchen while cutting onions. I sliced into the left side of the thumb and about 1/5 of my thumbnail, vertically from top down to the cuticle. One little tug would pull it off but I've left it there to try to protect the nail bed.
I washed with Hydrogen Peroxide and then antibiotic cream and band aid. I have changed it a few times since then,still some blood on the bandaid. The nail is a mess - I know it's going to come off at some point revealing the nail bed.
Any advice on the best treatment, am I doing all I should be? Thanks


Welcome to

Usually such injury cause severe pain.

The only concern at this time should be to prevent the infection of the injured area.

You can use liquid betadine solution to clean the area.

Once your nail separates from its nail bed it will not reattach and it will grow back slowly and take much time.

Savlon Antiseptic solution can be used to clean the area after diluting it with water.

You can take OTC pain killer like motrin for pain management.

A precautionary X-Ray may be advised if the injury is deep.

Neosporin can be used after cleaning with

1) savlon solution

2) Betadine.

If you have any additional questions feel free to ask.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

As the nail is separated but has not yet fallen off I am trying to keep it attached for as long as possible to to protect the nail bed. That means I will have to keep a bandaid on it for quite some time. Is that OK? I would think it will not be OK to have the nail bed open.


Open nail bed will be more prone to infections during routine activities.

Until the wound is a bit healed you should use bandaid to cover it up.

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