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Dr Basu
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I had my head hit by the corner of a falling soap box! It

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I had my head hit by the corner of
a falling soap box! It hurt a little! No bump
And since it is on the crown of my head I
Can't see if there is a bruise!
I have a headache though! Not very strong
But it hurts especially if I bend or get out
Of the car Should I Be worried?!

mysticdoc :

The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.

mysticdoc :

Hi there,

I am Mysticdoc, experienced Internal Medicine Specialist.

I am here to help you with your concerns.

mysticdoc :

when did the incident occur?

mysticdoc :

Do you have any other symptoms besides headache?

Customer: It was yesterday morning! It fell from a high cabinet! I don't know
mysticdoc :


mysticdoc :

From the impact of the fall, headache is expected.

Customer: It was yesterday morning! The headache in the back and sides
mysticdoc :


mysticdoc :

the headache is expected and may last for a week or so.

Customer: It was a small bod and not very heavy!
mysticdoc :

However, the risk of intracranial bleed is unlikely if the headache is not worsening.

Customer: should I be worried about it?!
mysticdoc :

And you do not have other warning signs like vision problem.

mysticdoc :

It does not sound concerning.

mysticdoc :

tylenol should help.

mysticdoc :

If the headache worsens, then consider a CT scan.

Customer: the headache is like migraine headache!
mysticdoc :

ok do you feel it is gettin worse?

Customer: tylenol usually doesn't work
mysticdoc :

Ibuprofen or naproxen can be tried.

mysticdoc :

if that does not work, then you need to seek medical attention.

Customer: i think a little maybe! Well I am thinking about it so much also!
mysticdoc :

anxiety does not help.

Customer: i know!
mysticdoc :

In that case, a clinical evaluation will reassure your mind.

Customer: how long should I wait for it to get better
mysticdoc :

usually 3-4 days

Customer: oh, ok!
Customer: I just want to know if a box as heavy as a soap bar can cause brain trauma
mysticdoc :

very unlikely

mysticdoc :

and your symptoms do not suggest brain trauma.

mysticdoc :

it is more like scalp trauma

Customer: ok then I guess I will wait couple of days. Hopefully it gets better!
Customer: thanks a lot!
Customer: another question, can a scalp trauma cause headache?!
mysticdoc :

yes it can

mysticdoc :

and this is common due to the muscle injury.

Customer: Oh, ok!
Customer: thanks a lot!
mysticdoc :

very welcome

mysticdoc :

Best wishes,

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It has been 6 days! Headache a little better. Can stand it with Tylenol. Went to my Dr he said the
Physical looks normal! The nausa is better akso bit
Still there! Should I still ask for any imaging?!
So far it is reaasuring.
Headache is getting better without any other symptoms.
Imaging is not required.
Best wishes