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Looking to get a second opnion. Why Am I having chest

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Looking to get a second opnion. Why Am I having chest pains?. I'm 22 Years old 5'10, just about underweight. i eat healty, however not very active.
I have no history of Family heart problems. My Blood pressure is OK, Blood test is Completely Normal e.g cholesterol etc.
I have had 2 ECG's Done and Holter monitor (24h) which came back normal, I think. But I'm still convinced i have something wrong with my heart like angina or blockage purely because or the pain I get, which is usually sharp but sometimes not. It last's a few seconds, I have never had pain which has lasted longer then 5mins. i have also had other sympetoms which had led me to the ER, palpations, shortness of breath etc.
ECG Results, does it look ok?
Image -
Rate: 99
PR: 153
QRSD: 89
QT: 312
QTc: 400
P 82
QRS 66
T - 36
Thanks in advance.


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The ecg looks normal. Abnormalities would show up if there were anything wrong with the heart. Angina is pain caused when the heart isn't getting enough blood because of blockage. It would have shown up on the ecgs or the Holter. They may also have run cardiac enzymes which would have ruled out heart attack completely.

The other most common reasons for chest pains would be an inflammation of the cartilage connecting the ribs to the sternum (called costochondritis). That causes pain on movement, possibly enough to cause shortness of breath, but certainly it isn't usually that severe. In the ER we see a lot more panic attacks/anxiety disorder than we ever see heart attacks. The usual symptoms are chest pain with normal ecg, shortness of breath, and palpitations.

All the best,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thanks for your kind reply, can i add i also have burning in throat and burning / pain in the esophagus while i eat excessive belching to. So could it be Acid reflux / GERD causing the chest pain to?

I can also Pinpoint the pains exactly were they come from. one of which is usually in the upper centre slightly to the left were the heart is which is more concerning. Its very sharp and squeezing

I get these pains usually once if not twice a day, if i had any heart problems wouldn't i get these a lot more then Just once or twice a day that lasted only a few seconds?

Finally, Do you Recommend i get further Tests Done?


The burning pain in the esophagus and belching can certainly be from GERD (acid reflux). While an upper GI endoscopy is the gold standard, your provider may want to just try you on a acid reducer. Usually GERD will cause discomfort more than just a couple of times a day though.

S/he can also see if hyoscamine will eliminate the pain when it occurs only couple times a day. It comes in a lozenge (Levsin) that dissolves under your tongue and provides almost instant relief.

All the best,


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