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I have had lower back pain near my SI joint and it goes on

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I have had lower back pain near my SI joint and it goes on my right lower back down through my right hip and thigh that is a burning pain. it feels like I need a hip replacement. I have been in physical therapy and they say I've had leg length differences, pelvis tilting and lumbar vertebrae are twisting, etc. my MRI results show this.--- minimal subannular dehydration, dorsal disk space narrowing and minimal central annular bulge at L5-S1 without neural deformity. I have been on Medrol packs and it got better for a couple weeks and now is worsening again. any ideas what is wrong and what the MRI results mean? I am 29 years old
Hi--have you seen a specialist about this like either a neurologist or a physiatrist--a physical medicine and rehabilitation MD specialist?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, just my family MD and physical therapy

OK--this sounds like sacroiliitis and possibly a sciatic nerve pinch. The MRI shows some degenerative disk disease--thinning of the disk--and the bulge is like a soft spot on a tire with the disk bulging out but not ruptured and since it doesn't compress a nerve root that wouldn't cause the hip and thigh pain. You need to see a physiatrist for a customized treatment program that might include a cortisone injection into the sacroiliac joint on that side.
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