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I have just been told that my vitamin D level is 17.....this

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I have just been told that my vitamin D level is 17.....this is the 2nd time in less than a yr that this has happened...what could be a reason why this has happened again???...also b12 is also low enough that i'm getting shots...this also happened at the same time vitD dropped before


Are you getting Vitamin D shots now?

Any current symptoms?

Any other medical history?


Since how long have you been suffering from?

Are you taking any other medications?

Any recent illness/infection?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

hi, no i'm not getting vitamin d shots, they have put me on a pill to take twice a week, I went yesterday for a b12 shot and I asked what my levels are and I have am reading 297...right now i'm just so tired all the time and I give out of breath just doing small things and have noticed that at times i'm very unsteady on my feet....I notice this feeling again about 4-5 weeks I stated earlier this happened almost a year ago and that is why I requested my dr. to do some blood work again...I have gained about 30 lbs lately even though I am not eating any different...yes I do have some arthritis in my back hands and feet...I have just been seen at an arthritis clinic in Wilmington nc and she is the one that found the vit d problem...yes I take a lot of med's for fibromyalgia, blood pressure [at this time my heart rate is staying around the 108-120 beats] an on med for gout, restless leg...any thoughts would be much appreciated

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no recent illness or infections as I know...yes I have arthritis in hands and feed and DDD disease in my back and neck.......I have been feeling a reg. decline in energy and weakness for 4-5 weeks now, I was doing a lot of long hours on business and a home remodel and I thought I was just tired from this, but as time has gone on it is getting worse...I have fibromyalgia [about 30 yrs now], high bp, diabetic for last4 yrs,i have gain 30 lbs in about 2 months and I truly have not changed my diet and can not seem to be able to stop first b12 shot tues and am taking 1.25 mg of vitman d twice a week [just started last week], I give of of breath just doing small things and am getting unsteady at I in any danger from these levels being so low....b12 is 279 and vit d is 17? after pushing to get to the dr. for shot yesterday and then pushing to get some business done all I have done today is rest and sleep!!

Dear *****,(Customer),

Sorry for the delay in reply.

The causes of Vitamin D Deficiency include
Inadequate consumption of food containing Vitamin D.

Limited sun exposure


Poor absorbtion from GI tract.

Usually in practice we see many patients with decreased levels of vitamin D.

So this is a common condition.After starting the treatment the levels are normal in many patients.

Life style is the cause of low Vitamin D levels.

The vitamin B 12 deficiency may also be related to diet.

Poor intestinal absorption.

Common in people on strict vegetarian diet.

The levels you have are commonly found in many patients in practice and are cured after the supplementation and not a serious emergency.

So kindly relax and don't worry much and follow your doctor prescriptions.

I hope this helps

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