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A. Schuyler, NP
A. Schuyler, NP, Nurse Practitioner
Category: Health
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Experience:  Board Certified NP, MS, RN. 25 years private practice & hospitalist
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I have lots of trouble with shortness of breathe and

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I have lots of trouble with shortness of breathe and nervousness, I tend to be extremely tense around people. Was prescribed medication to help sleep, but doesn't seem to help with daily tension.


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How long were you on the alprazolam (Xanax)?

How long for trazodone?

Did the new physician stop the other two drugs when starting you on Wellbutrin?

If not, how long had you been off the trazodone and alprazolam before starting the new drug?

How long were you on Wellbutrin when you quit?

Looking forward to hearing from you,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I was on alprazolam for about 6 months, trazodone I still have some left, as I don't take to much ,causes sever dry mouth, I had five refills for trazodone.

When the new doctor tried wellbutrin he took me off aplrazolam, I had terrible side effects, dialated pupils, sleeplessness, felt tired but no way was I able to sleep, brain was very disoriented. I tried the wellbutrin for 5 days, had nearly no sleep which made me feel much worse. As I mentioned before was very relaxed, and content with the 1mg dosage, twice a day that I was on before. This new doctor doesn't seem to listen to me when I explain my reasons for wanting to go back to what worked for me, even short term. I took as needed which wasn't everyday, but man when I needed them they were life savers. Please help.

The problem is that Xanax (alprazolam) is very addictive and meant only for use in short term situations (2-3 weeks at most). The terrible side-effects that you attribute to Wellbutrin were probably withdrawal from the alprazolam. Even in small doses it is best tapered 25% per week while the second drug (Wellbutrin) us started. It can take as much as 2-3 weeks for the body to become accustomed to Wellbutrin so you can tell if it is going to help with the anxiety.

Sometimes the first new drug tried isn't the perfect fit, and a different one can then be started. It can take 3-4 drugs before the perfect one is found for any given person.

I don't know of any responsible provider who is prescribing long-term alprazolam today.

Have you tried going back to your new doctor and explaining the problem you had? While alprazolam may not be in your future there are a lot of other drugs for anxiety, and there is sure to be a perfect fit for you out there.

All the best,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

That makes since, but as I mentioned some of these new drugs make me feel worse than some of the old remedies. At least with the alprazolam I got some good sleep , didn't feel nervous, and didn't have shortness of breath attacks. I did explain to the new doctor, but he seems insistant on trying lots of other drugs other than the one I was comfortable with. I know there are lots off other types of medications out there but I don't wanna spend hundreds of dollars on experimental drugs which may or may not work? Doesn't make since to try to guess when we already know what works for me. I know my body, and from what I read alot of doctors get kickbacks for promoting new drugs from the drug companies, most have the same or worse side effects. Why do docors not listen to ther patience as to what they are comfortable with? All drugs run risks of dependency, it's all a matter of what the patient is able to handle or willing to go threw for there relief. I even went to another docter and she said I was bi-polar. Not all thing are neatly wrapped up in a pill, and can fix all I understand that. But Why do doctors insist on changing what people are use to?

I am not talking about "new" drugs or "experimental" drugs, and neither would your own physician be. Wellbutrin has been around for decades and is generic, as are many of the other SSRI and SNRI drugs. There are plenty of generic drugs out there for anxiety that do not promote addiction.

You wrote: "Doesn't make since to try to guess when we already know what works for me." and "Why do doctors insist on changing what people are use to?" I'm afraid those same arguments can be made for heroin and cigarettes. But neither of those is good for a patient either. The reason that physicians try to switch patients to safer medicatious is just that - they are safer. While the switch may be uncomfortable for 2-3 weeks, the long-term benefits of using a safer drug are worth the short-term discomfort. However, 5 days isn't enough of a trial of Wellbutrin, especially since you were suffering from alprazolam withdrawal symptoms.

All the best,


Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I appriciate your opinion on the matter but these ss uptake inhibitors are not for me, try getting 5 hrs of sleep over a period off 5 days, about an hour a night. Talk about feeling horrible, lack of sleep is very bad, its a necessity to get a good nights rest. I will continue to seek out a doctor that is willing to listen and help me. This is my decision, and I don't think we should condem all drugs because of some abuse by people. If that was the case then alcohol would still be in proabition, what happened then? People went crazy, its the same priciples, other people cannot tell another person what is right for them and what isn't.

Thant's called freedom. Thanks for your input, you sound like the other two doctors that I saw, just don't w***** *****sten to the patient.

Maybe you will find another older physician who will prescribe what you want rather than what is safest. However, those 5 days of problems sleeping were the predictable withdrawal effects of the alprazolam, not necessarily from bupropion. The alprazolam should not have been cut off without tapering, since the withdrawal effects are going to happen.

Good luck with treating your anxiety.

All the best,


A. Schuyler, NP and 2 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

If all doctors were really concerned with the safety of there patience, then alcohol would never be legal, as it impairs the vision and thinking of any and all people who consume it. They defifinatly would be lobbying against open bars all around the world, as people have to drive home from the bar, and what about the legalization of pot passing all around the world and alot of states. If all doctor stuck to whats safe we would never find new cures for sicknesses. Why is there this looked down upon, when physicians prescribe narcotic medications, years ago they were normal now there's this big movement about how bad they are when they once said was o.k. I see commercials about new drugs all the time, then months later if someone you know has died or been hospitalised due to taken this drug you may be entilted to compensation. Why try and re invent the wheel? Do you drink? Its bad for your health, do you go out side, the sun causes cancer, I get really angry when people are acting in their own best interest, and the costs of new medications are more expensive then the ones that have been around for years. Have you ever used your grandmothers remedies for something? I bet you have, and it didn't cost half the price as some doctors remedy and definately didn't have any severe side effects. Between going to the doctor and the medication s it can be very expensive. Try grandmas remedy and it costs about a dollar or two. I believe most of these new medications have a worse side effect than the ailment, and doctor wonder why no one wants to be a lab rat. I hear what you are saying but like al thing time will tell, and only I have complete control over what I put into my body, I don't trust doctors, I believe they don't have there best interest of the patient in mind othet wise they wouldn't schedule appointments every 10 minutes, it leaves no time for getting to know they patient at all they make a wild guess based on there own believes, half the time they prescribe medications that have fatal results because they wre in to big of a hurry to check what other medications they were on, fatal outcome, happens all the time. I thank you for your response but don't have much faith in you opinion since again you are only recommending on your own, without getting to know me or family history, how can you make a dicision without consulting? Nice try!

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Were never gonna agree on whats best for me. Simply because you don't know me.