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I am 26 male, I have a question about my penis. I have been

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Hello, I am 26 male, I have a question about my penis.
I have been masturbating since i was 15. My penis is uncircumcised and the foreskin is tight, i have never got the tip of my penis out of my foreskin until recently. About a month ago i read somewhere and realized it is important to stretch the foreskin up and over the head of the penis.
I tried and was successful in the past one month. I can now slide the foreskin well back after it goes past the head. But i can do this only if the penis is flaccid. When it is erect, i am able to stretch it back only so much that the tip of the penis and half of the head is visible, the skin is too tight at this point.
Now my questions are as follows:
1) should I be able to pull the foreskin back completely even when erect? I will keep pushing it little by little, but if it doesnt go past the head, does it hurt when having sex?
2) also when flaccid, when i pulled the foreskin all the way back, i noticed that the penis has a lot of wrinkles, past the head when compared to the head part. this wrinkles stuff when touched is just a little bit sticky. Is it smegma or some remains due to masturbation for so long without pulling the foreskin back and cleaning? I have been cleaning it since a week, and nothing seems to change or soften. it is completely in complextion with the skin of the skin, it is just that it has lots of wrinkles just like a 100 yr old wud have
Hi--I'm a little unsure here--where exactly are these wrinkles?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i think it is called penis shaft, area on the penis behind the head and under the foreskin.

OK--but are you saying that the shaft is only wrinkled when you pull your foreskin back?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

when i pull the foreskin back and look at the shaft it has wrinkles, and it is little bit sticky......

OK The wrinkles themselves are not abnormal and don't indicate any medical problem. Yes, the stickiness is smegma and that isn't concerning and can be gotten rid of by retracting the foreskin and thoroughly washing your penis. As for being able to retract the foreskin when flaccid but having difficulty when it's erect--still not really a problem. Your foreskin is just a little tighter than normal but there isn't really anything to worry about if you can't fully retract it when erect.
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