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I have an important question regarding my health help would

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hello there i have an important question regarding my health help would be much appreciated,.... well i am having this problem for the last couple years where i have had goals to lose weight in a certain time with dieting but i continue putting the weight back on every time i get down a couple kilos its because i was once a very heavy fast food eater and i was getting serious health problems like pre diabetic symptoms and high cholestrol and very low iron levels to name a few every time i would binge eat and i would do this because after dieting for so long 2-3 weeks i give in to the temptations of the fast food and when i start i do not stop for weeks continuely....right now i would just like for a way to stay at my current weight i do not want to lose nor gain any weight right now i am 88kg 185cm and i feel i have lost too much muscle in the past 4 weeks,i want to continue a healthy diet but if i do im worried i will lose too much weight doing this since i have very fast metabolism and i dont want to eat fast food twice a week to keep weight..there must be a way i can maintain weight affectively i only exercise twice a week i dont do weights or go to the gym i am 28


Have you seen a doctor so far?

Have you undergone Thyroid function test?

What is your occupation?

Are you taking any medicines?

Stress and anxety issues?

Do you feel cravings for fast food while you stressed out?

Alcohol and smoking consumption?

Thanks dear.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i have only seen a doc about blood test which came back low iron high cholestrol and borderline diabetic.... i have not take thyroid function test no current work... taking xydep 50mg for anxiety which i dont feel is helping and dont drink alcohol much maybe once monthly

Thanks for providing more information.

As you have regained weight after losing weight so it can be caused due to Yoyo effect. It is the cycle of losing and regaining weight.

Even as you have craving for fast foods so it suggests Taste Addiction disorder-it is a psychological condition with a biochemical basis in the brain where a person develops an obsessive/compulsive relationship to food.

And as you are trying to maintain your weight so it's advised to take some measures which can gives you good results like

Exercise 3 days a week.

Do yoga,meditation,deep breathing exercises which enhances your will power,increase energy,reduce stress.

Also drink 8-10 glasses of water as it improves digestion.

Eat frequent small meals and preferable to fibre rich diet.

Try probiotics.

As you have history of high cholesterol so it is advised to eat fat free diet.

When you feel craving for fast food you should suck ice cubes and sugar free diet.

Also consult your doctor for anxiety issues if you feel your medicine is not helping you.

And at last,you need to undergo thyroid function test to rule out thyroid pathology which results in weight changes

Hope this helps.
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