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My legs below the calf is starting to get swollen while at

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my legs below the calf is starting to get swollen while at work. Just started in the last few month. The right leg is affected more than the left leg. What is causing that? The socks are not tight, just regular dress socks for work...


Associated pain,redness,bluish discoloration on lower legs?

Is area warm and tender to touch?

History of prolonged hours of sitting/standing in same position?

Associated lower back pain?

Any other medical history?

Are you taking any medications?

Are you overweight?

Alcohol and smoking history?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i am 6 feet 1inch and weigh 210 lbs, history of asthma but controlled, vit b 12 deficiency (but better now), possible Iga Nephropathy??? never really confirmed by kidney specialist

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i do not drink or smoke, i take advair daily and pro air as needed that is the only meds that I take. Also, when driving in my car i get tingly sensation in my upper legs, the part that is on the seat (back of my legs) almost numb

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

no pain or redness or bluish color

Thanks for providing more information.

Firstly your BMI(body mass index-measure of body fat based on height and weight) is fine.

Now swelling in lower legs can be caused due to fluid retention resulted from possible causes like Venous insufficiency,Lymphatic obstruction.

Swollen calves & feet may be a sign of heart failure, kidney failure, or liver failure.
Numbness and tingling sensation in legs can be caused due to Lumbar radiculopathy(compression of nerves at Lumbosacral spine).

So you shouldn't ignore your symptoms and it's good to consult your doctor ASAP.

Elevate your legs.
Exercise your legs
Follow a low-salt diet, which may reduce fluid retention and swelling.
Avoid alcohol and caffeine.

IgA Nephropathy can also result in swelling in lower legs.

So further Renal function test ,Complete Blood Count,ESR,Blood pressure monitoring,Color doppler study of lower limbs,EKG should be advised for further evaluation and management.

I hope I've provided the information you were seeking. If you are happy with my service, please provide a positive rating. If not, please let me know so l can continue to help you. Thank you.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

i do have L4 L5 Disc degeneration as well


Thanks for the follow-up.

As you have history of L4-5 disc degeneration so it can be a causative factor resulting in numbness,tingling sensation in legs.

However swelling in lower legs is not common with it.

So other possible causes like poor circulation,Lymphatic obstruction should be ruled out in your case as well.

It's good to make an appointment with your regular doctor for further evaluation and management ASAP.

I hope this helps.

If you have any further query then feel free to ask.

Bonus and positive feedback are highly appreciated.

Good Luck.

Thank you.

Dr. Anil and 4 other Health Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

thank you, ***** *****


You are most welcome.

For any further health related query in future,i'm here for you,ask me-


Good luck.

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