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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
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Not sure if this is a medical question, but I am desperate

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Not sure if this is a medical question, but I am desperate to try anything!! I am a 21 yr old female, who has struggled with weight since I was approximately 10 years of age. By the time I was 13, I had reached my highest weight at 170!! I exercised and ate mostly healthy, and steadied out at 150. I became very ill at 16 years of age and dropped to my lowest because of barely eating-116. I have now steadied at 136 however I am running everyday and eating healthy in order to loose 8 lbs. I am struggling with my belly button "frowning." I don't remember if it was like this when I was at my highest and lowest weight, I just know it's been like this since age 17, and it REALLY bothers me. I am curious as to if this has been caused by excessive weight loss and gain or another reason? And most importantly, what I can do to help "fix" it without surgery!!!


Thank you for your question,

I’m Dr. Saha and I’ll try to help you.

From your description, it is likely to be umbilical hernia.
I am sorry that you have developed this hernia.

This develops from an weakness of the muscular support there.

It can occur in obese or overweight conditions.
In small children, it can get corrected as the child grows.

However, in adults operation is the only way to correct it.

Surgery has little risk & you can go home the same day.

If left untreated, the hernia can get bigger, can be painful from obstruction or strangulation.
Obstruction or strangulation are emergency conditions.
I would suggest to have an evaluation by a surgeon.

I hope this information helps.

I will be happy to assist, if you need any clarification.

Please feel free for any follow up query.

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