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Anthony Bray, MD
Anthony Bray, MD, Doctor
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Experience:  14 years as clinician in the field of Family Practice
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A family member's foot suddenly started to mildly swell and

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A family member's foot suddenly started to mildly swell and turn purple like a bruise. The swelling and purple are on the outer edge of her foot, an inch or two away from her small toe. It's about the size of a penny. She was working on a project that involved climbing on a step or two of a ladder without shoes on. She rested and sat on her feet for a moment, and this edge that hurts is the edge she was resting on, but really. What happened? What should we do? How can it be prevented? At first we put her foot in epsom salt, but then decided on icing it. It's just hard to believe that such everyday actions could have such consequences.
Anthony Bray MD : Hello!!
Anthony Bray MD : i can't tell for sure for the history alone but it sounds possible that she may have had a stress fracture if a metatarsal bone in the foot....

Good Afternoon, thank you for your help. A stress fracture from just resting on her foot for a minute? Oh my goodness.

Anthony Bray MD : The forth and fifth metatarsal in the feet are thin and are relatively fragile ....especially if the person has osteoporosis ...

There is no osteoporosis. How can it be treated?

Anthony Bray MD : if she proved to have a stress fracture then she should be checked in terms of her bone density....
Anthony Bray MD : A soft tissue injury such as a sprain may be possible but the location of her trouble sounds suspicious to me for a possible stress fracture of the foot...
Anthony Bray MD : So I would advise that she see her doctor and if the exam seems to support a possible fracture then she should have an X-ray ...

Okay, thank you so much.

Anthony Bray MD : A stress fracture would be treated with a walking. Boot that would prevent notion of the bottom of the foot.... This would stabilize the bone to allow healing and less pain....
Anthony Bray MD : pain MEDS and anti- inflammatory MEDS may also be a part of treatment....
Anthony Bray MD : you are very welcome !!
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