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I have a few questions with regards to my girlfriends

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Hi, I have a few questions with regards ***** ***** girlfriends pregnancy. Firstly, I was shocked when she said that she is pregnant. we had intercourse on the weekend of 12 April to 14 April. This was unprotected. a week later (20 April) she started having headaches and throwing up. her condition got worse so she decided to see her GP. she was declared a week pregnant 23rd April. I have read up on how quickly a pregnancy can occur, this seemed a bit odd. is it possible to fall pregnant a week later from having intercourse? she told me her GP did blood tests to come to that conclusion, yet the only proof she could furnish me with was a home pregnancy test. (a picture of it).
a lot of my female friends with kids are saying that this is not possible, thus I am seeking some professional advice.
Further, her condition did not improve. she continued to have the headaches and throwing up. she went for another check up and was told she is bearing twins...another puzzling factor as this was on her 2nd, 3rd week of pregnancy. she even said they did a 3D scan and she could hear the heart beats of the twins. she was completely against the idea of terminating the pregnancy even though her GP advised her to. Apparently something was wrong with one of the eggs. She then told me she was booked in for some procedure to move the egg to where it was supposed to be. This procedure was a "risky" one, she could lose her I was told. unfortunately the one egg did not make it and she was fine. so only one baby remains.
She has also told me that her pregnancies only last for 7-8 months. can this be predetermined at such an early stage? she is a mother of two and claims that both her kids were born before she reached 9 months. Yet they are healthy and not premature or deformed.
I have had doubts on whether she is really pregnant and if so, could this be my baby?
Her health has not been good since. she has been bleeding and throwing up. once again she was advised to terminate the pregnancy but she refused. with all this happening she claims to have resigned from her job and wants to move to Jhb (where I live). we are in a long distant relationship, thus I have not seen a scan or any proof whatsoever.
I have been quite patient and accommodating even though I have these doubts and questions. I do not want her to get stressed and lose the baby because of me. each time I question her she gets defensive or upset, thus I have stopped to question.
some advice on this would really help.


I have read your question completely and i will try to help you with some technical inputs.

A pregnancy test can be positive after implantation of the fetus.The blood pregnancy test is usually positive within 3-4 days after implantation.This is called as quantitative beta hcg test.

Implantation means when the fertilized egg implants into the endometrium.

As after implantation the fetus is connected with blood stream of the mother so the the pregnancy hormone is released in the mother.

So basically it is possible to have a positive beta hcg test about 9-10 days after fertilization/conception/intercourse.

So if you have intercourse around 12th April it is possible to have a positive beta hcg on 23rd April.

Also the level of hcg hormone in twin pregnancy is higher.

Probably the further details are quite non technical and difficult to comment on exactly what is happening.

So if further reports of ultrasound etc are availaible it will be great.

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