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I'm 61 yrs old & 4 wks ago I slipped & cut my shin on the

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I'm 61 yrs old & 4 wks ago I slipped & cut my shin on the granite edge of my bathtub. It really hurt & I could see the bone. It was less than the size of a dime in diameter. I cleaned it w/peroxide & used neosporin before putting a bandaid on it. It's still not healed & it seldom forms a scab - which goes away when it gets wet after a bath or shower. When I take the bandaid off it has a yellow green substance on top & on the bandaid. I thought it would be healed by now. Is this normal. It's also still red around it - about the size of a quarter

Welcome and thank you for your question.

No, I am afraid that this is not normal. A wound should have healed by now. not healing indicates that you have an infeciton in the wound. This could be because of a low immunity or due to conditions like high blood sugar levels which increases the risk of an infection.

The blue green stuff forms due to collection of dead cells and bacteria.

Please consult a doctor - you need a swab taken from the wound for a lab test as also antibiotics.

I hope this helps.
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