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I am a teacher, female, age 50. Yesterday at school I could

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I am a teacher, female, age 50. Yesterday at school I could not focus on a section of my computer screen - tried closing one eye and then the other, just could not read the mid right section, it did not disappear, just out of focus. I went to class and was feeling a bit light-headed, I was trying to read aloud with the children and even though I was looking right at the words I wanted to say, I could not call up the words. I went down to the school RN who sent me home. I went to an Urgicare Dr who said it was either a low sugar attack (I had just eaten a 1/2 hour before) or a mild TIA - nothing could be done for either, I just need to follow up with my PC doctor to get blood work, etc. I just want to be sure this advice is correct and also, is it okay to workout today?
Thank ou


Associated headache,nausea,vomiting?

Have you undergone CT scan Head at Urgicare?

Any other medical illness?

Clogged ears?


Neck stiffness?

Numbness in one side of body?

Slurred speech?

Chest pain,shortness of breath?

Are you taking any medicines?

Do you feel symptoms now?

Please provide me additional information so i help you in better way.

Thanks dear.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I don't have any medical issues and do not take any medication for anything. I don't feel anything now, I had a mild headache for most of yesterday afternoon and evening, I did not have a CT scan, the Dr just did a basic exam with stethoscope and reflex hammer. No nausea or vomiting, my speech and breathing were fine, no chest pain. No clogged ears, no numbness, a bit of tingling here and there, left jaw for a very short while, even when I could not call up the words I wanted, I was aware that I couldn't, so I was confused so much as unable to do what I wanted to do.

Thanks for providing more information.

My dear,i understand your condition and as per your description,you need to undergo blood work to get a clear diagnosis of your symptoms.

As both hypoglycemia and TIA can cause sudden episodes of blurred vision,headache,Sudden blindness in one or both eyes or double vision,Dizziness, loss of balance or coordination.

And usually symptoms last for a short period of time.

And further blood sugar monitoring,CT scan head should be done.

Other potential differential diagnosis may include refractive error,eye problem,high blood pressure,dehydration,Anemia.

So a complete blood work should be done in your case.

And it's good to consult your primary doctor ASAP.

Hope this helps.
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