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I'm 31, I was born with cerebral palsy I have trouble with

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I'm 31, I was born with cerebral palsy I have trouble with my balance at times and a scissor gait in addition, I was diagnosed with scoliosis at 12-13 yrs old. I exercise everyday for 30 mins a day I had to stop exercising because my back was bothering me due to the scoliosis. Now a week later the bottom of the heel of my foot is bothering me and I'm wondering if it's stress related due to the way that I walk as well. I went to the doctor and 2 months ago and she prescribed me vitamin D pills once a week due to deficiency. I do notice that when I'm laying down I noticed twitching in my calves & thighs that has me worried.
My bigger question is can a person have cerebral palsy & ALS at the same time? Are there any self-test I can do at home?
I just ask because I did a little research and they both seem to have the same symptoms.
It woudl be very uncommon to have CP and ALS.
And the twitching is likely from your CP.
There is no self-test you can do at home, but the most common causes of the twtiching (which is called muscle fasciculations):
elevated thyroid
electrolyte abnormalities
So, keep hydrated and moving as much as possible, but if you are having pain then make sure you rest.
Hang in there.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Is there anyway that I can deal with the muscle twitching? At my next doctor appointment can I ask my physician for muscle relaxers to deal with the twitching & scoliosis?

Well, it depends on the cause
You need to get some labs done to rule out thyroid disease and electrolyte issues.
If these are normal, you can also for muscle relaxants like baclofen, but it is important to address potentially correctible causes first.
I hope that I provided you excellent service? :-)?
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Your service is excellent it's just that the bottom heel of my foot has been bothering me a bit today but I'm glad that you ruled out the CP & ALS theory.