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Nurse Milli, RN
Nurse Milli, RN, Nurse (RN)
Category: Health
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Experience:  20 years experience in many areas of Nursing. Both Hospital and Private Practice experience.
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I am 100% certain I have an air embolism but I cant get a

Customer Question

I am 100% certain I have an air embolism but I cant get a doctor to diagnosis it. Most doctors I've encountered tell me its not a problem and it will go away on its own. Their needs to be a partial pressure difference for air to diffuse from the lungs. I have the whole gamut of symptoms but they diagnosis me with delusional disorder and OCD. How can I prove an air embolism?Since doctors wont prescribe hyperbaric oxygen therapy and I cant afford it myself what other options do I have? Would a CPEP machine work for this application? I'm considering buying a cheap medical ventilator as well.
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Nurse Milli, RN replied 4 years ago.

Hi there and thank you for the question. I am a Registered Nurse and will be happy to help you today.

How did you get this embolism?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Thought an IV at the hospital. I can list the whole laundry list of symptoms if you want.

Expert:  Nurse Milli, RN replied 4 years ago.

OK thank you for the reply. I'm not sure when this occured but with an air embolism, you would begin to have some symptoms possibly....depending on the size of the air bubble. While you can't convince your healthcare providers of it, you could always say you are a diver and have decompression sickness and probably get treated right away....which is with a hyperbaric oxygen....which is the same treatment for air embolism. Let's face it, an air embolism is serious business. Do you have any symptoms at all or did you just happen to catch a small air pocket going through the tubing while you were hooked up to an IV?

I just read your additional comments about symptoms....yes, give me a few symptoms...

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
  1. headachs that fourm after being upright for a while. Ocasionally thunderclap type.
  2. profound fatigue
  3. Joint pain in my knees, back, and musculoskeletal chest pain
  4. Mental status symptoms of confusion and changes in personality
  5. Eye and ear symptoms involving blurring, inner ear pain, tinnitus, or partial hearing loss
  6. Skin symptoms of itching, mottling, and tingling sensation
  7. Lung symptoms of shortness of breath
  8. Cardiac symptoms of inspiratory, substernal, and sharp chest pain
  9. Gastrointestinal symptoms of abdominal pain, regular diarrhea with blood
  10. No noticeable genitourinary symptoms but I do drink a lot of water so that might help
  11. Neurological symptoms of loss of sensation ,paresis,, migrainous headache, vertigo, abnormal verbalization
  12. Lymphatic symptoms of swollen limp node in neck, relatively subtle but persistent – MRI neck 2011
  13. pallor in the tongue
  14. suspicion of misinterpreted MRI indicating numerous embuli I believe a layperson could identify with normal comparison studies; 1.) in front of the epiglottis (side profile) 2.) in the cerebrum most recognizable behind my left eye (side profile) 3.) lymph nodes (top down profile) 4.) three small dots directly behind the sternum (top down profile 5.) retinal vessels
  15. rapid heart beat
  16. hypotension during episodes of chest pain
  17. anal sphincter weakness
  18. wobbly gait occasional
  19. cyanosis characterized by dark bags under eyes
  20. penile pain
  21. sore throat

21. consistently slightly decreased SpO2 levels

22. consistently slightly decreased body temperature

23. transthoracic echocardiogram indicating unusual noise

24. transesophageal echocardiogram indicating detection of air bubbles

A nurse maliciously opened a valve during a blood draw allowing air to be entrained into my vascular system. I started blacking out immediately after until a doctor came around and laid me flat which revealed the initial symptoms. Now that the air is disbursed throughout my body thunderclap headaches start forming if stay upright too long. If I stay in one position on my side for an extended period my hand will go numb. I dont know what to do at this point. I was considering going to the hospital and claiming decompression sickness but It would be a boldfaced lie and they'd probably want my primary contact for medical history. Usually decompression sickness is accompanied with a bloody cough. Plus I'm in Buffalo so I'd have to go out of state to make this claim. That's Probably what I'm going end up having to do. I'm not sure one treatment would be enough since its disbursed throughout my body.

Does any cited medical literatureexist that states it goes away on its own?

Expert:  Nurse Milli, RN replied 4 years ago.

With all these symptoms, this wide variety of symptoms and the seriousness of these types of symptoms, I would HIGHLY recommend you see a specialist outside of your area....someone who is not in your immediate area and whom is not connected to the hospital you orignally visited.

I have not seen any literature where the air embolisim would resolve on its's always recommended that medical intervention be initiated.