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Dr. Brims
Dr. Brims, U.S. Licensed Physician
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My brother is 41 years old, HIV+. Took a massive overdose of

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My brother is 41 years old, HIV+. Took a massive overdose of antipsychotic agent Seroquel (6,000 mg), experienced major seizures and was in coma. On ventilator, taken off, subsequently put back on because of poor respiration. Developed aggressive pneumonia that infected both lungs. T-cell count "low," let's say below 200. CD4 appallingly bad: 48. On Zosyn, vancomycin, and one other antibiotic. Viral load test results expected back tomorrow. Also performed broncoscopy to test for strain of pneumonia, which will be back in another 3-4 days. Is there any reasonable chance he can survive the pneumonia infection despite his poor CD4 and T-cell counts?
Dr Brims : Hello, welcome to the site!I will try to assist you with your medical question, and any medical information you seek
Dr Brims : I'm sorry to hear about this
Customer: hello. thank you. it's a terrible situation. Right now I'm so very worried about the pneumonia. It's very serious.
Dr Brims : Have they determined the strain of pneumonia yet?
Customer: no they did a broncoscopy yesterday and are waiting for the results
Customer: but it's in both lungs
Customer: and he wasn't able to breathe on his own
Customer: so they put him on the ventilator again
Customer: because his lungs were filled up
Customer: and they suctioned out a lot of the stuff from his lungs
Dr Brims : Okay, the type of pneumonia will play a large role in his treatment and possible recovery
Customer: ok. he's on industrial-strength antibiotics right now but the pneumonia seems to just stay the same
Dr Brims : If it is an opportunistic infection, it makes the chances of recovery worse
Customer: not get better or worse
Dr Brims : ok
Customer: well, here's the thing: he said he was taking medication for the HIV and got his blood checked every month
Customer: so we were all very surprised when we heard his t-cell and CD4 counts were so bad
Dr Brims : ok
Dr Brims : I understand
Customer: so now we're not sure whether he was taking his medication
Customer: but he had them on him in his bag when we looked
Dr Brims : Okay
Customer: but either way, i think they think its "just" hospital pneumonia
Customer: from being on the ventilator.
Customer: the doctor said considering his overdose and his condition it would be a medical first if he didn't develop pneumonia
Customer: which leads me to think that it's not an opportunistic infection
Dr Brims : I see, there are different types of pneumonia, so it depends on the type
Customer: ok, so basically everything including his prospects for recovery depend on the type of pneumonia?
Dr Brims : Yes, if it is an opportunistic infection, or a bad bacteria like pseudomonas then his chances are worse
Customer: can they put him on linezolid or quinupristin/dalfopristin or daptomycin?
Dr Brims : They can place him on any of those, it will do no good if it is the wrong bacteria, those drugs are good for treating MRSA bacteria
Customer: ok, well I guess the only thing to do is wait for the culture to get back.
Dr Brims : Yes, at this point, that is the only thing to do
Customer: so it's a waiting game: hoping the pneumonia doesn't get worse while we wait for the culture, then getting the right antibiotics given the results of the culture?
Dr Brims : Yes, that s exactly the correct course
Customer: ok, thank you for your help
Dr Brims : You're very welcome
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