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Dr. Brims
Dr. Brims, U.S. Licensed Physician
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Hi. Just had an edoscopy done. The findings were :Hiatus

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Hi. Just had an edoscopy done. The findings were :
Hiatus hernia, chronic gastritis (biopsied) Normal 2nd part of the duodenum (biopsied) and LA grade A reflux esophagitis (biopsied) Waiting to get in for my follow up. Really had no idea I had any of this except that I've complained for decades of chest pains. Cardiologist says I'm fine. When a family member was diagnosed with CA, (same symptoms for YEARS) I insisted on this. Now, I'm scared. Looking up everything I can on this. How do I feel? I'm hypothyroid and take 88 mcg of synthroid, but lately I'm shedding more hair than normal. I'm tired. My bowel habits not changed much...I had a colonoscopy done several years ago (negative) because I seem to have an irritable bowel...comes and goes. So I don't worry about that . Stools been a bit darker. I lost 50 lbs this last year which is good (Cardiologist put me on a strict Atkins diet forever) and I had felt good, labs for cholesterol were normal (finally). The Dr sent me home (from the EGD) with a prescription for Dexilant. In the meantime, I'm really scared and a bit angry that no one would listen to me about this chest pain...I didn't have a reflux of acid up into my throat until recently. I have no issues swallowing, although it lately feels like I need to keep swallowing, as if a pill hasn't quite gone down. No other complaints.

Dr Brims : Hello, welcome to the site!I will try to assist you with your medical question, and any medical information you seek
Dr Brims : I'm sorry to hear about these symptoms
Dr Brims : The chest pain you feel may be from the acid reflux, is it constant?
Customer: No it isn't. It comes and goes. Sometimes days without it. If I get up and move around, it would go away. So the Drs always said "Its in your head".
Dr Brims : Do you have anxiety disorder?
Customer: The Prilosec the Cardiologist gave me a year ago seemed to help, until recently. Yes, I have Bi-Polar 2. But have never had panic attacks or that sort of thing. It just seemed to be worse lately with acid coming up into my throat (which never happend before) sorry for typos.
Customer: I will obsess over things, and am pretty sensitive. I thought I was doing well...go to therapy and I've been happy. So issues.
Dr Brims : Okay, the hiatal hernia may be causing these symptoms
Dr Brims : What medication do you take?
Customer: After the EGD yesterday, I was given Dexilant. I take 88 mcg of synthroid, simvastatin, ativan (only at nighttime so I can sleep) and mirapex for restless leg. Also calcium suppliments
Dr Brims : Okay, the dexilant will help your symptoms
Customer: Yes. What I'm scared about is the findings (until I can get into my follow up in 3 weeks):
Customer: LA Grade A reflux esophagitis and chronic gastritis (both biopsied)
Customer: We have a familiy member who complained for years about heartburn and finally went in....he has terminal was too late. That is why I pushed for this test
Dr Brims : Those will improve with dexilant, you have no need to be worried
Customer: The fatigue I mentioned and losing (more than usual hair), probably nothing? I asked for my thyroid to be checked again, and they said last lab 3 months ago was normal (it goes up and down). Sorry to sound like a whimp....just worried.
Dr Brims : The fatigue and hair loss are nothing to be worried about, they may need to increase your synthroid, but it is nothing to be concerned about now.
Customer: Thank you Dr. I appreciate your input and patience. I feel much more at ease now. May I ask one more question?
Dr Brims : You may ask if it is related to this same topic
Customer: Was there anything I could have done to prevent this? (the family member with CA is not a blood relative) I'm the only blood relative with this issue.
Dr Brims : No, there is nothing you could have likely done
Customer: Thank you, Dr. I appreciate your help. Have a good day, and thank you so very much.
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