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Vakul Aren
Vakul Aren, Doctor
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Experience:  MBBS,DTM&H( Univ of Liverpool),34yrs experience in practice
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Over the last 6 months, I have twice experienced a situation

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Over the last 6 months, I have twice experienced a situation where my penis burns and feels uncomfortable for about a month. The pain is about a 2-3 on a 10-point scale and primarily is bothersome at the glans portion of my penis.
Upon closer inspection, I have noticed that inside my urethra (approximately 2 cm deep) there is a small white-colored scab with a little skin growing on top. One time, I was able to use tweezers to pull the skin off the scab out of my urethra. This led to relief in the pain, however the scab reappeared a few months later.
I realize this is vague but I would like to know what this could possibly be? Wart? Stricture?
Assuming you've heard of this before, is there a treatment option you are aware of. FYI, I have tested negative for STDs so I can rule that out. Otherwise, I am in fine physical condition, and am 30 years old, and circumcized.
Vakul Aren : Welcome to JA. I am Dr. Vakul Aren,I will help you with your query.Have you had any urethral issues in the past,like a infection/stone/STD/Herpes?Have you seen your doctor and have investigations like urine analysis and culture,imaging study for kidney/ureter/bladder been done?
Customer: Hi, thanks for responding. About 10 years ago I tested positive for ngu, was prescribed antibiotics, and subsequent testing showed no further trace of it. No other issues. I recently saw a urologist and he evaluated me with uroflow test and said everything was good. Also tested my urine for bacteria/stds and said it was clean. This issue I have occurs for about a month and then goes away. When I saw the doctor this situation was not presenting itself so I could only tell him about it (not show it). His response was "I don't know until I see."
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It would help if you were assessed for prostrate infections/chronic Prostatitis as also for NGU. A imaging study like a ultrasound scan of the kidney/ureter/bladder was done to rule out any stone/stricture or other defect.A urine culture would rue out any bacterial infection.Thank you for the positive rating,I will be available to answer any follow up questions.