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I just started antibiotics tonight for a sinus infection.

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I just started antibiotics tonight for a sinus infection. Earlier today my bottom right hand side teeth started to ache. I think I've been able to pin point it to a specific tooth or near area. It hurts mainly when I shift my teeth and bite down a little. If I was to go to the dr or urgent care, what would they do to see what it is?

mysticdoc : The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.
mysticdoc : Hello,
mysticdoc : Thanks for your question.
mysticdoc : Tooth ache can be related to your sinus infection.
mysticdoc : Commonly we will look for any gum swelling around the tooth, or any crack in the tooth.
mysticdoc : In case of gum swelling, infection is likely and current antibiotic course should be helpful.
mysticdoc : Otherwise, if your tooth sensitivity still persists, it is better to see your dentist for further evaluation.
Customer: but the lower tooth pain could still be part of the sinus infection?
mysticdoc : yes correct
mysticdoc : it can still be
mysticdoc : And usually nothing will be done unless there is any visible damage to your tooth in the ER.
Customer: ok...I'll give it a few days then, I just started bactrim tonight - took first pill about 15 minutes ago
Customer: ok there is no visual damage, nor do I see anything out of the ordinary, other than that is where I've had a filling in the past. I'm hoping it's just sinus related and will ease up by tomorrow sometime.
mysticdoc : Yes do not worry.
mysticdoc : Sinus related.
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