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I am 24 year old bisexual male. I typically use protection,

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I am 24 year old bisexual male. I typically use protection, with the exception of my current partner.
For the last two months I have been having issues with a stinging pain on my penis, which is focused primarily on the lower right side of the shaft and around the base. I also notice some issues around the top of the scrotum where the shaft and scrotum meet. There are no red spots, no lesions, no other identifiable condition. I do have a series of these skin colored or possibly slightly darker than skin colored bumps which appear in lines, and seem to go from the right of my scrotum up the base of the shaft. These appear to be in the same location as hair follicles in most situations.
I saw an urgent care facility 1 month ago. Explained the condition. He prescribed antibiotics of doxicycline 10 days. I was tested for clamydia and ghonorea, both of which are negative. I used the medicine but saw little improvement. I also began using an antifungal cream, thinking that it might be jock itch. The antifungal cream seems to provide relief, but it is not dealing with the cause of the symptoms. I returned to my general practitioner who gave me a prescription for lotrizone cream, which I have now been applying for the past week twice daily, in addition to applying body powder twice daily. The symptoms again have been masked, but they are not going away.
My general practitioner did have me tested for a full STD panel of syphilis, hepatitis, HIV and other conditions, all of which showed negative results.
Once I apply any friction, such as washing with soap, masturbating, or having sex, the condition comes back and is painful. Sometimes there will be soreness without pressure, other times masturbating or even rubbing will be painful and sore.
I should also mention that I did try to use some fluocinonide I have for my general psoriasis, and I'm not sure if this aggravated the condition, because the symptoms only seemed to get worse without the therapeutic anti-cracking effects of the anti-fungal creams.
Upon a closer visual inspection while writing this, I can see a line in my skin that runs around the entire base on the right side where the scrotum and shaft meet. It is very circular. It looks like a raised line of skin, but it is not bumps, not red, no sign of agitation or infection, but it leaves a dull stinging pain if I apply any friction to it. It is almost like the feeling of having your public hair pulled or tugged out/pinched inside of your trouser.
I do trust my doctors on these issues, but it's been two months and I'm having to deal with this very frustrating issue. I'm looking for alternative potentials.
medtech254 : Ok so it looks like you have gotten a very good workup. When exactly did this start? Did this occur during a sexual encounter, masturbating, etc?
medtech254 : Do you have you pubic hair or do you use any creams, razor, etc to remove it?
medtech254 : Do you still have the stinging pain in the penis as well as the lines and are they both in the same area?
Customer: This started approximately three months ago. I did have unprotected sex with someone at that point, but the condition did not start until two weeks to a month later. I've been dealing with it for the past two months. I do shave my pubic hair with a razor, and that's why I can see what I'm dealing with down there. When it had been a while since I last shaved, the condition almost seemed to get worse. The stinging pain is not inside my penis. It is on the skin right where the shaft and scrotum meet, and a little bit farther up the shaft of the penis. Aggravated mostly by friction.
medtech254 : With the full range of std tests being negative, the lack of response to antibiotics, and other treatments it sounds like this may be due to irritation in the area. Things that would cause this are a change in laundry soap (allergic reaction), friction, heat, excessive moisture, irritation from the razor, infected hair, etc. What other treatments have you tried yourself and have any helped the situation?
Customer: Body powder and antifungal creme is pretty much all that has really helped. Anti fungal creme just doesn't seem to be fixing the issue though. Should I try something else?
Customer: Would it be smart to try an antihistamine?
medtech254 : Have you switched laundry detergent or softener? Switch from boxers to briefs? If the body powder is helping it is likely irritation due to excessive moisture and heat in the area. Are you using a medication powder? An antihistamine would be helpful in reducing the itching and irritation. The most important thing though is to solve the root cause and not just treat the symptoms.
Customer: No laundry changes. No new clothes. It just started. The powder is gold bond medicated with menthol.
medtech254 : Have you tried an antihistamine?
Customer: I have not.
medtech254 : At this point which no specific lesion, etc that may be causing the issue. No positive std results, etc. This would normally point to a change like detergent, etc which can be ruled out now. This greatly limits the possibilities and increases the likelihood of this being heat/moisture related possibly made worse by razor contact. You may find an over the counter antihistamine helpful such as benadryl. With this type of skin condition it is hard to narrow down since the description fits many potential causes and there are no specific lesions, spots, etc. That unfortunately is a limitation of the internet in not being able to visually examine the area.
medtech254 : If you try the antihistamine you can come back after you see if it is effective and we can continue to chat.
Customer: Well, at this point I've tried the antifungals. I've also tried body powder. I'm going to continue those. I'll also try an antihistamine. Is there anything else you think would be beneficial?
Customer: Obviously I can't eliminate all heat because I work in an office and sit all day, so there is that. I don't work outside. I stopped exercising because of these issues in the event it was a fungal issue.
medtech254 : You are doing the right thing at this point. The gold bond medicated is a good product and should control the moisture levels and help with the irritation. With the change of the seasons it is towards the top of the list that it is heat related.
Customer: If you provide me with an email address I can send some photographs, which you could take a look at.
medtech254 : Make sure to wear loose fitting undergarments and continue with the powder.
medtech254 : We are not allowed to accept e-mails (JA policy)
medtech254 : Try the antihistamine and see if that gives you some relief.
medtech254 : It sounds like your doctor is on the right track and will get it figured out. These are just a few additional things you can do at home that may help.
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