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Dr. Brims
Dr. Brims, U.S. Licensed Physician
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I was having some mild abdomen pain and also mild pelvic pain

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I was having some mild abdomen pain and also mild pelvic pain so I went in to get a transvaginal ultrasound and ultrasound of the abdomen just to make sure of things. It turns out that I have a cyst on my left ovary and I need help/explanation of my results:

Uterus measures 8.2 x 5.7. x 7 cm in longitudinal, AP and transverse dimensions. Trace free fluid in pelvis. Endometrial stripe measures 7 mm. Left ovary measures 4.4 x 2.6 x 3.7cm. Right ovary measures 3.9 x 1.7 x 3.7 cm. Within the left ovary there is a 2.9 anechoic structure with no color flow consistent with cyst. Arterial and venous Doppler flow demonstrated within the ovaries.

Trace free fluid in the pelvis likely physiological.
2.9 simple appearing cyst within the left ovary.

What does trace free fluid likely physiological? What about anechoic structure with no color flow consistent with cyst?

I'm noticing a little bit of pelvic pain ever since I found out about my cyst but it's on my right side too. I have been taking birth control for a long time until I got pregnant last year and then I've been off of birth control for 2 months already. I don't know if that has anything to do with it. I'm 25 years old and had a baby 8 months ago. Someone please explain to me because I'm scared and have a lot of anxiety about this cyst.

Dr Brims : Hello, welcome to Justanswer, I will try to assist you with your medical question, and any medical information you seek
Dr Brims : I'm sorry to hear about this, do you have anxiety disorder?
Dr Brims : physiological free fluid means normal free fluid, it is nothing to worry about
Customer: I've been having health anxiety for the past few months
Customer: I thought something was wrong with my gallbladder and pancreas but they found nothing
Customer: I get aches and pain here and there
Customer: Ever since I was worried about my ovaries and reproductive system I started getting pain in my pelvic area
Dr Brims : If you have a cyst it is likely normal
Customer: I think I'm going to start my period next week
Dr Brims : ok
Customer: It's normal to have a cyst?
Customer: Do you think it has anything to do with me starting my menstrual period next week or that I've been on and off birth control?
Dr Brims : Many women have cysts, when there are many then it may become a problem, but one is not a problem
Dr Brims : I don't think it is related to any of those
Customer: The cyst is on my left side but I wonder why I feel some pain on my right I wonder if it's because another is growing rigght now?
Customer: what does anechoic structure within cyst mean?
Dr Brims : I cannot determine that, it may be from anxiety
Dr Brims : it means a solid structure
Customer: I plan on getting back on birth control as soon as I start my period. Also, I've been having clear-white discharge everything
Customer: does that have anything to do with my cyst
Customer: If it's a solid structure is it harmful??
Dr Brims : No, it is unrelated to the cyst
Customer: 2.9 anechoic structure within cyst with no color flow? what does that mean? I'm worried because I've never experienced a cyst
Dr Brims : That just means there is a cyst
Dr Brims : It does not mean it is a solid structure
Customer: are those kinds of cyst benign?
Dr Brims : a cyst within the ovary
Dr Brims : yes, they are benign
Customer: will it go away?
Dr Brims : It may go away after your period
Customer: is it normal for me to have mild pain from it? and also abdomen cramping? just a little?
Dr Brims : No, the pain is not likely from the cyst
Dr Brims : Are you there?
Customer: yes
Customer: Well, my abdominal ultrasound is clear and I don't know where the pain is coming from
Dr Brims : You have severe anxiety, I think your symptoms are from that
Customer: I really want to be stress freee because I'm going on vacation but I keep thinking about this cyst
Customer: I feel like my stomach is always gassy
Dr Brims : I think the best solution is to seek treatment for anxiety
Customer: Can anxiety cause pain?
Dr Brims : It can lead to thought of pain , yes
Customer: Last night I woke up because I felt some abdominal cramping
Customer: Should I be worried about the cyst? I don't have symptoms from it like urge to urinate or bloating
Customer: I've read a lot about them and I'm scared. I just need to know that my cyst is benign
Dr Brims : No, you should not be worried
Customer: Why did it start showing up out of nowhere?
Dr Brims : The cyst?
Customer: yes
Dr Brims : Have you had an ultrasound in the past?
Customer: only when I was pregnant last year
Dr Brims : They often occur as you age
Customer: I'm only 25 and still menstruating... I hope it's a normal cyst
Dr Brims : It is likely normal
Customer: what about the size 2.9cm?
Customer: is that pretty big?
Dr Brims : That is not a very big size
Customer: Ok I feel much better now. Is there anything I can do with my diet to help the cyst?
Dr Brims : No, your diet will not affect the cyst
Customer: what about supplements that i can take?
Dr Brims : You may try multivitamins
Dr Brims : Are you there?
Customer: yes thanks I think we're done with our chat
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