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I am 62yr old male with recent digestive problems; for about

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I am 62yr old male with recent digestive problems; for about 4 months now, I've had more or less constant bloating/gas. Stool has changed character - diarrhea, even watery. I can't find any cause from food source - tried most all possibilities.
Never had these symptoms before.
Had colonoscopy and endoscopy 6 weeks ago; those were "all clear", biopsies negative, no celiac disease, one small polyp removed, just some interior hemarroids.
Had abdominal ultrasound about 6 months ago which showed somewhat enlarged ducts (bile ducts I think). Gallbladder was removed about 10 years ago. Follow-up with GI with blood and stool tests (after digestive problems started) showed nothing - no parasites, etc.
I'm at a loss at the moment. Any suggestions or ideas - much appreciated.


Associated mucus in stool?

Any other medical history?

Are you taking any medications?

Stress and anxiety?

Intermittent constipation?

What is your occupation?

Alcohol and smoking?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Hi Dr Kumar:
mucus in stool; yes I'd say, even just "water" sometimes
Heart attack; 5 yrs ago. standard heart medications (Plavix, zocor, etc)
No real stress/anxiety that I can pinpoint
No constipation
Professor (Math)
Drink about 2 glasses red wine during/after dinner, daily. Used to smoke; quit after heart attack. Do chew nicorette gum regularly though.

Thanks for providing more information.

As you describe,there may be possibility of Irritable Bowel syndrome as it's a functional disorder.

There is no specific test for IBS, although diagnostic tests may be performed to rule out other problems include stool sample testing, blood tests, and cat scan, ultrasounds, endoscopy and colonoscopy.

As your test results are negative,it may suggestive of IBS based on your symptoms

Even stress and anxiety can be contributing factor in IBS.
You can take metamucil.
Take OTC mylanta.
You should add more fibre in your diet.

Start probiotics and eat yogurt.
Avoid caffeine, alcohol,carbonated beverages, fried food.
Do meditation and deep breathing exercises to relieve stress.
Do regular exercises.

Your symptoms can be associated with medications side effects-diarrhea,gastrointestinal upset are listed side effects of Plavix and zocor.

I suggest you to consult your Gastroenterologist again for further evaluation and management.



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