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My friend has gone from 130lbs to 178lbs in the past 4 days.

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my friend has gone from 130lbs to 178lbs in the past 4 days. She has a doctor appointment in a couple days but I am trying to convince her to go to the ER. Is this type of weight gain an emergency that should be addressed right away at the ER or is it safe to wait a few days for the doctor appointment?


Is she having swelling on body?

Since how long has she been taking Paxil?

History of overeating?


Pain abdomen?

Any other associated symptoms?

Shortness of breath?

Chest pain?

Is she taking any other medicines?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
no history of over eating. this is about 40 pounds in four days.
she has been on the paxil 2 months but no other meds.
she says she doesn't have any other pain. no shortness of breath.
Says she is swollen and that she thinks it's all water retention.

Thanks for providing more information.

A sudden significant weight gain can be a sign of a very serious issue as in, if she is suddenly gaining a significant amount of weight overnight or over a few hours) which is related to water retention and caused due to heart/kidney disease which may require an urgent medical attention.

So i agree with you that she needs to be seen by a doctor at ER ASAP.

Other potential differential diagnosis may include Hormonal imbalance,Thyroid dysfunction,Paxil side effect.

First heart function needs to be assessed.
If any problem an echo cardiogram needs to be done.

Work up must include her blood sugar, cholesterol tests, thyroid function,female hormones, adrenal function and kidney functions. Her abdominal / pelvic ultrasound would be done.

Hope this helps.
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