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Dr. Brims
Dr. Brims, U.S. Licensed Physician
Category: Health
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Experience:  U.S. Licensed Physician, general surgery and internal medicine experience
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I have been diagnosed with chronic non-Chlamydial reactive

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I have been diagnosed with chronic non-Chlamydial reactive arthritis but in addition to the pains in my feet and hands I've started having pains in my legs and numbness in my feet. It constantly feels like the muscles of my thighs and hamstrings are stressed whether I'm walking, sitting or laying down. I'm also having pain in my left hip and lower back pain as well. My brother has Addison's and ALD and says that I need to see a Neurologist. Any clues as to what this might be?

Dr Brims : Hello, welcome to Justanswer, I will try to assist you with your medical question, and any medical information you seek
Customer: Thanks
Dr Brims : You should still do the blood test
Dr Brims : But I think you may have neuropathy
Dr Brims : Which is irritated nerves
Dr Brims : I think you should see the neurologist first
Customer: are there any other symptoms of neuropathy i could look out for?
Dr Brims : The numbness and tingling are the most common symptoms, you don't need to look out for anything else
Customer: any drawbacks to exercising before i go see the neurologist? can the muscles get too stressed? it has affected my sleeping.
Dr Brims : There are no drawbacks to exercising, it should not cause any harm
Dr Brims : The muscles shoould be fine
Customer: Any suggestions on sleeping positions? I usually sleep on my stomach with one leg bent but I find myself waking up in discomfort 5 or 6 times a night.
Dr Brims : You may try sleeping on your back, with your legs straight
Customer: Thanks for the advice, making appointment with neurologist tomorrow.
Dr Brims : You're quite welcome
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