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Cervical MRI Results: c 3/4 right uncovertebral and facet

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Cervical MRI Results:
c 3/4 right uncovertebral and facet hypertrophy. Moderate right foraminal stenosis. Mild disc bulge.
c 4/5 Mild disc bulge. This flattens the ventral sac.
c 5/6 Mild disc bulge.
c 6/7 Left uncovertebral hypertrophy.Mild left foraminal stenosis.
I had an MRI of brain w/o contrast as well- all looked fine. I've been tested for RA, lupus and clotting disorders. All results came back negative.
I was doing Epely Manuever and Vestibular Rehab exercises diligently for 3 solid weeks as per ENT doctor diagnosing me with BPV. I had been experiencing dizziness, ringing in ears and difficulty swallowing (sometimes) for several months.
Then suddenly one day I had a severe dizzy spell, experienced brief "glittery" vision and then the onset of pressure on left side of neck with feelings of numbness/tingling on left side of face, ear, cheek, arm. ER doctors determined I didn't have a stroke and sent me home with instructions to see a neurologist. The numbness and pressure were severe for about 3 weeks and I am still suffering daily with numbness/pressure on left side of face and neck though it is better than in the beginning. Arm still tingles and now I have spots of burning pain in my left thigh and calf that comes and goes.
ENT, GP, Allergist and Neurologist are puzzled and I'm really frustrated and scared.
My head and neck ache most of the time, the "whine" in my left ear is scary, and the pressure in my neck and head are sometimes overwhelming. Neuro. gave me Flexeril a few days ago to try to ease the tightness in my neck- I've only tried 1/2 pill once a day- and it isn't doing a thing. Tonight I'm going to take one pill and see if that helps at all.
I'm so tired of this- it's been almost 10 weeks and whatever this is - it's not going away.
My life is on hold- waiting for a call from a "stroke center" to give me an appointment. Why? Even my doctor doesn't think I had a stroke- but he says insurance will balk if he orders more tests so he's sending me to new doctors. This is ridiculous and will cost even more in the long run, but what else am I to do?
Any information and input would be so appreciated.
mysticdoc : The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.
mysticdoc : Hello,
mysticdoc : Thanks for your question.
mysticdoc : Your MRI report does show problem on the left side of the C6, 7 vertebrae.
mysticdoc : There is some foraminal narrowing and this can cause nerve compression.
mysticdoc : This can result in neck, shoulder and arm pain.
mysticdoc : However, the dizzy spells can still be stroke related although MRI without contrast was normal.
mysticdoc : BPV does explain these symptoms but that does not rule out stroke either.
mysticdoc : Physical therapy of the cervical spine shoulder and arm will help with the pain symptoms.
mysticdoc : Symptomatically dizziness can be treated with meclizine tablets.
mysticdoc : In ore severe cases, benzodiazepines like clonazepam can be used.
Customer: Would it explain a problem on the left side of my neck- feels like the large muscle there is tight and under pressure.?
mysticdoc : A consultation with a spine surgeon should be considered.
mysticdoc : yes it does.
mysticdoc : In some cases, surgery may be required if physical therapy does not yield good results.
mysticdoc : Also steroid injections by a pain medicine specialist is another option.
Customer: What about numbness and tingling on left side of face, cheek and ear? Would nerve or disc problem in neck cause this?
Customer: I was doing those (stupid) vestibular rehab exercises 2 times a day for 3 weeks- and then suddenly this?
mysticdoc : That can also be caused by the cervical spine problem.
mysticdoc : If you inadvertently twisted your neck that can worsen your symptoms.
Customer: Could I have caused the problem in my attempt to get rid of my dizziness?
mysticdoc : probably.
Customer: In the c 4/5 area with a mild disc bulge- what does "This fattens the ventral sac" mean? Sounds bad.
mysticdoc : flattening not fattening of the ventral sac
Customer: Yep- sorry.
mysticdoc : that means you likely have pinched nerve root.
mysticdoc : That can cause these symptoms.
Customer: In the c 4/5 area this flattening or pinched nerve can cause face and neck numbness, pressure and tingling?
mysticdoc : yes correct
Customer: Wow- the neurologist told me my Cervical MRI only showed "mild degenerative disease" - nothing that would produce my head and neck symptoms and he's sending me to a stroke center. The only reason I know what the MRI showed is that I asked his nurse for a copy of my results.
mysticdoc : No, MRI suggests more than that.
mysticdoc : That is why, you should consider physical therapy and a spine surgeon consultation.
Customer: I've had this numbness and pressure over 2 months since the sudden onset that sent me to the ER.
Customer: How likely I can reverse the damage or has it been too long?
mysticdoc : This can start that way.
mysticdoc : the symptoms will likely reverse over time with physical therapy.
Customer: Will Flexeril help at all?
mysticdoc : it may with muscle tightness.
Customer: How about Medrol? About 3 weeks after my issues started, my allergist put me on Medrol for a month to combat my severe sinusitis and return of nasal polyps. My face and neck symptoms improved and then when I stopped the Medrol I've pretty much stayed the same- no more improvement.
mysticdoc : Medrol is a strong steroid and can help to reduce the inflammation.
mysticdoc : This may be helpful but it has several side effects on long term use.
mysticdoc : That is why I suggested steroid injection ( epidural) as an alternative.
Customer: Ok. I guess it's off to another doctor then. I appreciate your information.
mysticdoc : very welcome
mysticdoc : yes you do need a second opinion.
Customer: Any websites you know of that I could tap into to possibly copy information about cervical spine issues causing neck and face pressure and numbness to take to my doctor? Honestly, I'm stunned that he flat out told me these results showed nothing that would cause my issues .
mysticdoc : This is one website:
mysticdoc :
Customer: Thank you.
mysticdoc :
mysticdoc : Best wishes,
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