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Dr Basu
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what is air fluid level seen in maxilary sinus what is tonsiltis

Customer Question

what is air fluid level seen in maxilary sinus
what is tonsiltis lingunal is present
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Health
Expert:  Dr Basu replied 4 years ago.

mysticdoc : The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.
mysticdoc : Hello,
mysticdoc : Thanks for your question.
mysticdoc : Air fluid level suggests sinus infection or sinusitis.
mysticdoc : and lingular tonsillitis is the tonsil infection.
mysticdoc : Lingular is the part of tonsil close to the tongue.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : how would i get this
mysticdoc : Hence, you will need antibiotic course if not already.
mysticdoc : this is a bacterial infection.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : ii keep going to ent for swallowing problem and sinus they say they can't do anything
mysticdoc : you can get from another person or from the environment
mysticdoc : did you get any antibiotic course?
mysticdoc : If you are getting recurrent infection, then that is an indication for surgery.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : this was in a cat scan of my neck for cervical spondylosis and esophagus problems by nuerologist
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : this is toronto - i can;t even get into a ent
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : what kind of surgery is it
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : on my sisnus and tonsils
mysticdoc : yes
mysticdoc : sinus surgery to remove the infected mucus lining if you keep on failing antibiotic course.
mysticdoc : and tonsils can be removed.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : i sorry 2 opertions or one on both
mysticdoc : 2 different operations.
mysticdoc : this can be done in 2 seatings.
mysticdoc : Best wishes,Please rate the chat Good or Excellent, if you are satisfied with our conversation and do not have any further question, so that I get rewarded for my time & effort. Thank you!Please bookmark my profile for asking further questions!This is the link to my profile:
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : icould this be oral cancer
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : is the tonsilits the same as a retention cyst
mysticdoc : oral cancer is very unlikely.
mysticdoc : retention cyst is different from tonsillitis.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : iif i had the tonsils removed why does it say that
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : does it have anything to do if my thyrod was removed
mysticdoc : thyroid is different from tonsils located below.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : iis it autoimmine lile lupus if my esr levelsare hight
mysticdoc : that is possible since your esr is high.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : my nose is really plugged is that the air fluid in the right maxillary sinus
mysticdoc : plugged nose is related to the maxillary sinus problem.
mysticdoc : this is suggestive of the infection.
mysticdoc : Chronic allergies commonly cause this.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : what about acid reflex is that tonsilitis
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : i don't want to take nexim i hear it is bad for you
mysticdoc : no that is different.
mysticdoc : you can take antacids or pepcid over the counter.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : they also keep saying nasonex which does not work for me
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : i did allergy test they say enviromental
mysticdoc : yes likely.
mysticdoc : you need combination therapy.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : so can an ent doctor do anything for me
mysticdoc : steroid, antihistamine, antibiotic
mysticdoc : yes
mysticdoc : and you should see a different ENT doctor.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : what type
mysticdoc : ENt doc specializing in sinus surgeries.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : it think they don't want to give me because of cad system
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : if i had tear duct surgry and they open the nose already is sinus surgery in the same area do they break the nose
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : can they do labroscopy or some other thing i read
mysticdoc : no they do not have to break your nose.
mysticdoc : But this depends on how significantly deviated your nasal septum is.
mysticdoc : yes they can do enodoscopic sinus surgery.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : i have a bit of deviated septum
mysticdoc : ok that needs to be fixed --this is obstructing the sinus drainage
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : what operariion is for tonsilitis or will it go away by itsel
mysticdoc : most of times antibiotics are adequate for tonsillitis.
mysticdoc : Sometimes, they may need to be removed.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : anything natureal i hadt to do antibotics
mysticdoc : unlikely natural will work with such chronic problem.
mysticdoc : Garlic and ginger may be helpful as natural anti bacterial
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : what are ventrl osteophtes which do not impinge upon te esophagus
mysticdoc : these are arthritis related bone changes in the cervical spine.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : thankyou but i was causeing swallowing problesm i can't swallow pills
mysticdoc : That can be acid reflux and tonsillitis related.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : really! why
mysticdoc : tonsillitis makes swallowing difficult.
mysticdoc : and acid reflux inflames the esophageal lining
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : how can i get the properdiagoose
mysticdoc : upper Gi endoscopy will help
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : barum swallow
mysticdoc : not as good as endoscopy
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : what is the difference you mean colonoscpy
mysticdoc : no upper GI endoscopy
mysticdoc : they use camera to see the esophagus
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : i swallow it
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : i did a barium swallow and they said i couod not finish it because i had ostephytes impinging on the esophags
mysticdoc : with endoscopy this will not be a problem.
JACUSTOMER-yr5q78ca- : what do they do
mysticdoc : they use camera to see the esophagus