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I have a few vertical tear on the head of my penis that wont

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I have a few vertical tear on the head of my penis that wont heal. ive ben using Calmoseptine prescribed by a local doc, but he said himself hes unsure what it is. Been tested for STDs ove the alst year with all NEG results. been conversing with a urologist on here but your website sucks to upload a picture to for some reason. I saw you post on something similar and wanted your input. tears magnify when penis is erect
mysticdoc : The views expressed by me are for educational purposes only and do not establish a doctor patient relationship.
mysticdoc : Hello,
mysticdoc : Thanks for your question.
mysticdoc : You can upload a picture in the following website and then post a link here:
Customer: hi
mysticdoc :
Customer: ive tried image shack, but they delete the pic.
Customer: gimme one sec
mysticdoc : it can be viewed immediately.
mysticdoc : they delete after sometime
mysticdoc : so upload and send me the link immediately
Customer: that is say out of the shower, when its dry it doesnt look as bad.
mysticdoc : Thanks for the picture.
Customer: when erect, it almost looks worse.
mysticdoc : Looks like eczematous reaction.
Customer: which is?
mysticdoc : the penile skin is being damaged by the body's immune system producing vertical grooves.
mysticdoc : a steroid ointment should be tried.
mysticdoc : potent ointments are prescription based.
Customer: this only got this way after a steriod ointment was tried
mysticdoc : over the counter hydrocortisone is a weak steroid.
mysticdoc : this is not an infection.
mysticdoc : any itching or pain?
Customer: i used a prescribed by a doctor steriod for 3 days, it got better and then i may have used too much and it cracked all the skin and eventualy healed.
mysticdoc : hmm ok
Customer: It itches and is aprtial pain when ERECT. itching may be more like tingling
mysticdoc : probably you were prescribed a cream.
Customer: Maybe im not explaining this the way i want to. yes a cream
mysticdoc : Instead a steroid ointment is better which holds the moisture well.
Customer: it was a 2 aprt fungal steroid
Customer: 2 part NAME
mysticdoc : ok lotrisone --
Customer: doesnt sound familiar
mysticdoc : no that may not help as it is little different than the one I am auggesting
mysticdoc : clotrimazole/betamethasone
Customer: Sorry i was meaning the sterioid the doctor gave me had a 2 aprt name to it
mysticdoc : that is lotrisone
Customer: Oh, i tried the over the counter Clotrimizole.
Customer: ketoconazole, and a few others were prescirbed with nor result.
mysticdoc : not a fungal infection
Customer: well thats good to know
mysticdoc : a steroid ointment like clobetasol or triacinolone ointment should be considered.
mysticdoc : another option is a immunomodulator ointment like tacrolimus
Customer: alright. So should i go see a urologist cause my reg doctor is out of dieas?
Customer: ideas*
mysticdoc : no a dermatologist will be better
mysticdoc : this is a skin issue although on the penis
Customer: damn, they are the ones who refered me to my Doc.... Ok. Ill go back to them then.
mysticdoc : yeah --a different dermatologist with some experience will be better
Customer: ok. This has been a nearly 2 year problem and no one seems to know and kinda tired of "trying to see if it works"
Customer: Thanks
mysticdoc : yes frustrating --but that only proves not an infection.
mysticdoc : a skin biopsy will be helpful.
Customer: Ok. Thanks for your time.
mysticdoc : very welcome
mysticdoc : Best wishes,Please rate the chat Good or Excellent, if you are satisfied with our conversation and do not have any further question, so that I get rewarded for my time & effort. Thank you!Please bookmark my profile for asking further questions!This is the link to my profile:
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