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Dr. R. Bora
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Experience:  14 years experience in the emergency room.
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I am a healthy 28-year-old woman with a strange sleeping problem.

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I am a healthy 28-year-old woman with a strange sleeping problem. I am usually a solid sleeper who can easily get 8 hours a night. I am not on any medication, I try to avoid liquids after 8, I keep my room cool at night, my neighborhood is relatively quiet, and I don't drink anything caffeinated as a rule. But for the past week, I've been waking up at almost exactly 2:30 every morning. I have no idea why. It takes me a few minutes to go from "dreaming" to "oh, I'm awake," so it's gradual rather than sudden. And when I am awake, I feel pretty alert. It takes me about forty minutes to go back to sleep, after which my sleep is uninterrupted until it's time to get up. I feel rested and alert during the day, but I can't understand why I'm waking up at the same time this way.

I suppose stress could be to blame--I've had some health concerns lately and become unemployed recently, so I'm worried about job-hunting and finances. I've been to a doctor and had bloodwork done. A CBC came back perfectly normal, and I'm waiting for results on a Lyme test (my chief concern was a stiff knee.) My question is twofold--could Lyme disease be responsible for my sleep interruption? And if not, what might be a more likely candidate?


Dr. R. Bora : Hello Nell, I am happy to help you today.
Dr. R. Bora : For how long have you been waking up early morning ?
JACUSTOMER-0yrcbjg5- : Hello, Dr. Bora!
Dr. R. Bora : Sorry, but when did you lose your job?
JACUSTOMER-0yrcbjg5- : I've been waking up at 2:30 since last Wednesday.
Dr. R. Bora : Sorry, but when did you lose your job?
JACUSTOMER-0yrcbjg5- : About two weeks ago. I was laid off.
Dr. R. Bora : Sorry to hear that...but stress is a likely factor for your sleep problem .
Customer: I suppose. I'm surprised it didn't start earlier.
Dr. R. Bora : Do you get up to pee when awake?
Customer: Sometimes, yes.
Customer: That's why I try to avoid drinking anything before 8.
Customer: But this is less "get up and use the bathroom" and more "stay awake for a while" alertness.
Dr. R. Bora : You mean you avoid drinking after 8?
Dr. R. Bora : Yes, that sounds more like stress as an issue rather than a health issue here...
Dr. R. Bora : I would like you to use "white noise" at night to put you to sleep as soon as you wake up.
Dr. R. Bora : I think that will slowly prevent you from awakening altogether..
Dr. R. Bora : What stiff knee are you referring to?
Dr. R. Bora : Can you elaborate on that please?
Customer: I had a stiff left knee. I dance, so it was a muscular issue (quadricep.)
Customer: I had an Xray and bloodwork done on it. Both came back normal.
Dr. R. Bora : Ok. So no pain in your knee when you wake up at night?
Customer: Do you have any suggestions where I could find a "white noise" machine?
Customer: Not usually.
Customer: Or that's not the reason I wake up.
Dr. R. Bora : Yeah, give me a few minutes to upload a site.
Customer: Thank you
Dr. R. Bora : You can download it online or even get it online....please wait.
Customer: No problem.
Dr. R. Bora : Here is a site where you can get a trial of white noise:
Customer: That's a game.
Dr. R. Bora : Sorry...
Customer: That's okay.
Dr. R. Bora : Here is the one :
Dr. R. Bora : Yeah, try that and I am sure it will help you.
Dr. R. Bora : Do you have any more question on this issue?
Dr. R. Bora :
Dr. R. Bora :
Customer: No. Thank you very much. I am downloading a white noise app to my phone right now.
Customer: This was very helpful!
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