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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
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My wife has been taking Gabapentin (100mg three times per

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My wife has been taking Gabapentin (100mg three times per day) since 25th March, (prescibed for head pains, Atorvastatin (40mg daily)Clopidogrel (75mg daily), and Ramipril (2.5mg daily). Last Sunday she developed a severe rash all over her face. The out-of-hours doctor said it was an allergic reaction and prescribed antihistamins. The local doctor at our usual surgery confirmed the diagnosis on Monday. On Wednesday our usual doctor confirmed that it was a drug related allergy and told my wife to stop taking the Gabapentin and Statins immediately and that, taking chlorphenamine (4mg) every four to six hours, in two or three days it would have cleared up. Today the rash has faded on her face a little but the face appears swollen ("puffy") and is hot, itching behind her ears, and itching eyes.
She is also taking Nasonex spray for what has been suggested as sinus problems. In the notes with this spray it says to take special care if one has herpes simplex. This she has and it manifests itself as cold sores quite frequently.
The questions are: Is the rash drug related and should it have cleared by now, and is there any risk in taking the Nasonex spray bearing in mind the rash and the herpes simplex?
Your thoughts will be most welcome.
Dr. Saha : Hello,
Dr. Saha : Welcome to Just Answer.
Dr. Saha : Nasonex would not pose extra risk.
Dr. Saha : Why are you thinking about herpes simplex?
Dr. Saha : Is she taking chlorpheniramine regularly?
Customer: The reason for the herpes simplex worry was the reference in the Nasonex leaflet saying to take extra care if herpes simplex was suffered.
Customer: Yes,
Customer: yes, she is taking the chlorphenine every four to six hours, but not during the night
Dr. Saha : How does the rash look like? Is there any blister?
Customer: No blisters - redness, hot, puffy in the face and round the eyes, neck looks like measles! (as did the rash when it first appeared)
Dr. Saha : As the doctor has examined the rash, it is likely to be allergic reaction.
Dr. Saha : In herpes, usually blisters are common.
Customer: But should it now be clearing rapidly, or will it take much more time? Is the stopping of the drugs she was taking the right advice?
Dr. Saha : The cause of the allergy needs to be removed.
Dr. Saha : So the doctors have stopped the medicines.
Dr. Saha : As new symptoms like puffiness of face, itching developed in spite of taking antihistamine, I feel you should take her to doctor again.
Dr. Saha : Steroid or other antihistamine like fexofenadine can be prescribed.
Customer: Very many thanks - I will indeed take her back to the Doctor tomorrow.
Dr. Saha : You are welcome.
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