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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
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My BP is usually 115-125/40-55

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My BP is usually 115-125/40-55
Dr. Saha : Hello,
Dr. Saha : Welcome to Just Answer.
Dr. Saha : Do you have any symptom?
Dr. Saha : Do you take any medicine?
Dr. Saha : Please enter your reply.
Customer: I have copd and on O2 24/7- I have oral thrush from steroids. I also have asthma in with the copd
Dr. Saha : How was your blood pressure before?
Customer: I am on vicoprufen , vasatec Spiriva,sere vent and pulmacort
Dr. Saha : How was your blood pressure before?
Customer: BP was usually 120/80
Dr. Saha : Did you have any heart issue before?
Customer: Yes I have had 4-5 heart episodes of which I I have a medicated stent and I also have a defibulator in my upper left chest
Dr. Saha : Your systolic or upper number of 115-125 is normal.
Dr. Saha : The diastolic or lower number is *****
Dr. Saha : I would suggest to take an examination by doctor.
Dr. Saha : There can be different causes for this low pressure.
Dr. Saha : Sometimes dehydration, hormonal changes can cause it.
Dr. Saha : As you had heart episodes, stents, you need to check for a heart cause first.
Dr. Saha : Early heart failure can cause lower pressure.
Dr. Saha : Sometimes there can be stiffness of arteries, heart causes like cardiomyopathy etc.
Dr. Saha : Variation of heart rate or arrhythmia can also be a cause.
Dr. Saha : You need an evaluation at this point.
Dr. Saha : If you have any further query, please feel free to ask.
Dr. Saha : Please click reply after writing if you have any query.
Customer: I have when in the hospital 2 weeks ago and they prescribed another drug?..oops I forgot to mention I have Atrial Fibulation and my latest EJ after echocardiogram was :35 to 40
Dr. Saha : Is the fibrillation under control?
Dr. Saha : Did you mean Ejection Fraction 35-40?
Customer: More or left ventricle aft. Wall is severely scarred
Dr. Saha : Is your doctor aware of the levels of pressure?
Customer: yesscarred yes EJ 35to has been that eay for years
Customer: yesyears yes my doctors are aware
Dr. Saha : The ejection fraction is low.
Dr. Saha : This can occur with scarring of ventricle of heart.
Dr. Saha : The pumping function of the heart gets affected.
Customer: yes. true My main concern was the sudden onset of the lowering of my diastolic reading as well as a low pulse reading of 40-55
Dr. Saha : When did you last see doctor?
Customer: Last week
Dr. Saha : Low pulse can also be a factor for lower blood pressure.
Dr. Saha : Did doctor change any medicine?
Customer: All my doctors are Very satisfied with my overall health apart from the ones mentioned obviously
Dr. Saha : Yes, these levels should be investigated further.
Customer: Some of my medicines were changed or. Increased I am on Torsemide to reduce the swelling in my feet
Dr. Saha : I would suggest to have follow up with doctor.
Dr. Saha : When Torsemide was prescribed?
Customer: I am seeing my GP on Monday....Torsemide was prescribed a year ago
Dr. Saha : Was the dose increased?
Customer: yesago yes to plus one other drug whose name I can't recall.. It is Sol????
Customer: a year ago Torsemide
Dr. Saha : If you are taking it for a year then it would not be factor for the new symptom.
Dr. Saha : Yes, you need to follow up with GP. If you develop any symp***** *****ke dizziness, fainting or chest pain, you need to have an examination in hospital.
Customer: Exactly I agree..I have been trying to figure out what would cause this anomaly in my BP as usually it is the other way around both being too high
Dr. Saha : As we discussed there can be heart related issues like failure, low rate
Customer: Due all these conditions and the fact that I also have a back condition everything is a major chore..something simple like going to the supermarket shopping
Dr. Saha : Or abnormal rhythm.
Dr. Saha : I am sorry that you are passing through all those problems.
Customer: But I do appreciate ur input you are very thorough
Dr. Saha : You are always welcome.
Dr. Saha : Best wishes.
Customer: I rank you the highest
Customer: ciao
Dr. Saha : Good luck.
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