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Dr. Saha
Dr. Saha, Doctor (MD)
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For the past week I had a runny nose so I started using

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Hello, for the past week I had a runny nose so I started using seawater nasal spray with reactine in case it was my allergies, but 3 days ago the color of the mucous changed to orange, and I always feel it running down the back of my throat making my mouth feel really dry all night and in the morning. The runny nose stopped when the mucous changed to a yellow-orange color. I felt an extreme facial pressure yesterday so I took Motrin to sleep it off and I woke up without any ear pressure and I thought I was finally better until I had to blow my nose that the symptoms started again. There's a little bit of blood in the mucous, but that's been very common for me since I got the mucous lining trimmed by a nose specialist last year.
There's no couching except now and then when I feel the mucous running down my throat. The amount of mucous build up changes from time to time depending on what I eat. Is there anything I can take to release the pressure?
Dr. Saha : Hello,
Dr. Saha : Welcome to Just Answer.
Dr. Saha : Do you have fever or any other symptom?
Customer: no fever
Dr. Saha : Why did you have the ENT procedure last year?
Customer: I told the nose specialist that every summer my sinus closes up and it makes it hard to breathe and that there was no nasal spray or reactine pill that could make it better
Customer: so he took a look inside my nose and said he could widen the breathing pathways more so there's no mucous buildup. The procedure was successful and I was able to breathe better
Dr. Saha : Did you have any test before that?
Dr. Saha : Like X ray or CT scan?
Customer: No but I was always told by my family doctor that it was my allergies so I took reactine for 5 years before I did the ENT
Customer: I had a CT scan done 2 years ago but it wasn't for my sinus
Customer: it was normal
Dr. Saha : There can be a few probables.
Dr. Saha : Allergy can cause it.
Dr. Saha : There can be nasal discharge from it.
Dr. Saha : Antihistamine like zyrtec can help with allergy.
Dr. Saha : There can be sinus inflammation or infection causing the pressure feeling & pain.
Dr. Saha : In infection the mucus can change to yellow-orange color.
Dr. Saha : That can cause post nasal drip.
Dr. Saha : You can take advil or tylenol cold.
Dr. Saha : Those would help with pain & discharge.
Customer: will that help with the ear pressure as well? Should I continue using the seawater nasal spray?
Dr. Saha : Yes, that would help with ear pressure.
Customer: I have nasonex as well
Dr. Saha : Nasonex would help better.
Dr. Saha : That would reduce the inflammation.
Customer: my brother had similar symptoms two weeks ago but since he has asthma he had been taking neorin and seretide evohaler
Customer: would you recommend any of those?
Dr. Saha : You need not take inhaler.
Dr. Saha : Your symptoms are limited to nose.
Dr. Saha : If the symptom continues, I would suggest to get an examination by doctor.
Dr. Saha : You need to see whether there is an infection.
Customer: I was taking nasonex but then that was when the color of the mucous changed so I stopped it
Dr. Saha : In that case antibiotic can be needed.
Dr. Saha : You can take the cold tablet now to get relief.
Customer: cold tablet from which medication?
Dr. Saha : Advil cold or tylenol cold.
Dr. Saha : They would relieve the congestion, pain.
Customer: should I keep taking reactine?
Dr. Saha : My goal is to provide you with excellent service today.
Dr. Saha : You can withhold it as it is not helping much.
Customer: so if the symptoms continue then an antibiotic is best? even if it's just my nose?
Dr. Saha : Yes, infection can affect sinus & the symptoms can be limited to nose areas.
Dr. Saha : If there’s anything else I can do, please let me know
Customer: ok thank you so much!
Dr. Saha : You are always welcome.
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