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My son has been diagnosed with Aspergers and I am trying to

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My son has been diagnosed with Aspergers and I am trying to get him statemented. The psychologist has recommended that he isn't statemented because he is achieving good grades, but the problems are socially, sensory and possibly ADHD, which I have asked that he is assessed for. She has mentioned a CRISP criteria. Do you know what this is for Birmingham and what category Aspergers would go into as she would not give me a copy of it. Would be grateful for any other advice as I am still going ahead with it. She seems more interested in what it will cost, than helping my child, even though she said schools are given a huge budget to cover it. He isn't getting any support where he is and has been offered a place at a private school that has smaller classes and all the staff are trained to deal with it. They also have other children with Aspergers as his present school has no others with the condition. many thanks
I assume you are located in Birmingham, AL is that correct or are you in the UK?These are the criteria:

These criteria although through the University of Indiana would be the same in your location.


CRISP provides a method for matching children's special educational needs to provision.

A record is made of the level of difficulty (referred to as bands 1 to 6) that best describes a child on 18 special educational themes (referred to as threads). This record is not a comprehensive description of the pupil. but an indication of level of need. It provides a common basis for levels of provision, and pointers towards detailed planning and programming.

The process of placing pupils on Bands can be done by the school alone, but is more reliable through consultation with other people including parents/carers, the pupil and members of support services and agencies. Of course it is essential to record who was involved in agreeing a CRISP Assessment Record.Full CRISP Assessments should have clear supporting evidence (and the latest assessment forms have space for this to be noted). It can be useful to complete a form on the basis of the best available knowledge but such assessments are best regarded as provisional or ‘penciled’ Assessments. One purpose of doing this would be to guide the gaining of evidence to substantiate or modify provisional judgements.

This means that CRISP Assessments may be done at any time. CRISP Assessments are an essential indicator in judging whether a pupil’s need is greater than provided for through the resources normally available to the school through the SEN component of the core budget, the Additional Educational Needs element and the Audit payments.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I am in Birmingham, UK. I am not sure if it would be the same as she said the City spent a lot of money/professional time creating the system. Other Local Authorities cannot get access to it without paying the City for it - She would only let me glance at it. I am sure she was trying to hide something that might have helped him. It was a booklet and had a list of disorders that would be statemented, she said his condition didn't fall into that category, but I would like to know what conditions would. Even though he is intelligent, he does have problems, but she didn't want to listen to it. many thanks
This will give specific points of contact and great info for your location:

This is how to handle any problems you have in obtaining a properly assesment:
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
thank you my friend:) I am following up the websites you suggest, they look very informative and helpful
You are very welcome! If your are happy with the information provided please don't forget to rate so I get credit for the answer. If you need additional information I would be happy to assist.